Environment Trip


On Wednesday we joined other Muslim home educating families and attended a workshop run by an environmental project. It was a lovely day mashaAllah although quite cold. The kids really enjoyed it. Gave me some ideas of things we can do at home.

Here are some pics:

They started the day by going out to the local greenery and picked leaves, seeds and fruit. Never seen so many excited children with a plastic bag! lol

They then came back inside and sorted them out into leaves, seeds and fruit. Leaves were to be matched to a leaf key sheet.

The kids then did leaf rubbings with crayons. After this they played a game trying to cross their leaves to the winning 'branch' line.

She then made a collage with the materials she collected.

They also made kites using a straw, bin bag and string. But I guess the best part of the day was when they played a trivia game outside and then collected litter. Here is R in her gloves and litter picking stick! Gotta get one of those!

Aside from that, we have kept pretty much to schedule. R is loving First Language Lessons!! I am really surprised! As I write this, she is working on her lapbook. I am not helping her at all with this. She is writing everything on her own, cutting and sticking on her own. I really want this to be her own work (completely!) She is making some spelling mistakes and spelling correctly in other places. This lapbook has taught me a lot about her literacy skills. More on this later. Here are a few pics of her in action:

Sticking her timeline into order.


We have also been talking a lot about Hajj. R has started making something which I think we will enter into the IHSAN competition on the forum inshaAllah. More on that in another post.

And that is about it!




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