A whole day of lapbooking!


R started this lapbook last week. And she spent the whole day yesterday finishing it off. I left her to it apart from two minibooks where I had to interview her and write down her responses. What was interesting was a question I asked her as part of the ‘Interview with me’ minibook. The question was ‘What have you learned?’ I was waiting in anticipation for this answer. We have been home edding for 2.5 years now and *’I think’* she has learnt a lot. But what would she say?! Do you know what she said?! All the lapbooks, unit studies were forgotten. And instead she said ‘My ummi taught me about what will happen on the day of judgment.’ This ‘lesson’ took place as a 3 minute conversation in the car some time ago. And that was the first thing that she remembered! Not the lapbooks, not the many books that were read, and certainly not the workbooks. But what she remembered was a quick conversation. Says a lot huh?!

Here it is (click on the images to see closer views of the pics):

After finishing all parts of the 'All About Me' lapbook, R designed the front cover.

Inside of the lapbook. Underneath the black divide are additional mini books (see next picture)

These are the minibooks underneath the black divide.

This lapbook was called 'Helping Hands'. On the front cover, R wrote 'I help' and inside she decided to write how she helps others. Remember, I didn't help her to spell for this lapbook so it was all her own work. It reads: My ummi is having a babh. I help her get the nappies and wipes and I help her get the bags (when I need to change baby Z)

What I liked about this lapbook was that it was all about her. Her height, weight, likes, dislikes, favourite things, about her schedule etc. She completed everything and it was nice to see her strengths and weaknesses in English.

By doing this lapbook, she had to independently do the following:  read, complete copywork, watch her grammar, use narration, arts and crafts, and lots of thinking skills.

This is a lapbook to keep. It will be nice for her to look back at it in future years. A definite recommendation to you all. It can be used for all ages. You can find it here:


On another note, I haven’t been using workboxes due to my little experiment but R told me that she wants to use workboxes for her HE again. So, I’m going to start using them again inshaAllah. I’ve decided to plan the week of workboxes in advance on paper and then just fill the boxes the night before. Made this simple planner:

Will keep you updated inshaAllah.


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  1. Asalamoalaikum waramatullahi wabarakatuhu

    Alhamdullilah I have been following your blog for a few weeks, may Allah reward you for all you efforts in home ed.
    My name is Fehmida, mother of three Alhamdullilah. I thought you may be interested, I have a page of free printables on my website (pdf downloads of certificates, charts etc for Muslim children/parents). Also I am adding more stuff, well thinking of what stuff to add. If you have any suggestions, that would be great Insha’Allah

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sister for your kind comments. Ameen to your duas. Would you mind if I put your web link on the IHSAN Forum?

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