On a small break


Eid was a very quiet one this year. We made ghusl (full bath), got dressed and headed off to our local masjid for the first eid prayer. Returned home and ate breakfast (as is the sunnah for eid ul adha – to eat after the eid prayer) and then I collapsed on the sofa out of pure exhaustion and fell into a deep sleep. I don’t sleep in the day and so this really meant that my body and mind was telling me to take it easy.

 I thought we would start our HE back today, but yesterday was at an eid event all day in East London which I co-hosted and am completely and utterly exhausted!! It was nice seeing all the old sisters of R2R, a dawah organisation I used to work for. And I was truly honoured when they asked me to come back and host the event. But, I really need to take it easy. So, decided to have a week’s break from formal HE. Anyway, there are a few eid parties this week, so that should be nice, although, at the moment I don’t feel like I have the energy to even drive anywhere. Need to listen to my body.

Anyway, today I spent counting how many lessons in each subject R needs to complete by July so that year 1/grade 1 stuff is completed (this includes the one month break after baby is born inshaAllah. Also, tidied up our resources and arts and crafts stuff are now neatly organised.

All of Z’s toys are now in an out of reach cupboard and I took the advice of a few friends and am going to alternate toys so that they seem new after being out of sight.

Have also decided to make a reading box for R. This would include what I would like her to read on a weekly basis. She is then free to choose when she reads them as long as she completes the books by the end of the week. She is reading more and more mashaAllah and takes a book off the shelf herself. I just want to keep it going and push her a little further inshaAllah. A sister told me about an Islamic reading program with levelled readers who had a special offer on. And so I bought the Eeman Reading Series. Got over 50 books at a very very very good deal. The deal isn’t on the website, so if you are interested in getting the deal, maybe I could speak to the brother and see if he can offer the deal to more sisters inshaAllah. R loves them! The different levels are colour coded, and so she takes off the entire ‘yellow’ set and reads through all of them at one time mashaAllah. These readers are colourful, have interesting stories and most importantly teach good Islamic morals. I would definitely recommend them. I think you could probably get the series at the same reduced price. Visit www.olivebooks.info

Have adjusted a few things with regards to our timetable, but more about that at a later date inshaAllah.


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  1. Salaam,
    I’m so pleased to find that the Emaan series is available again, maashallah. I bought some years ago, but the series had just gone out of print at that time and I couldn’t get the full set.
    I like them. But don’t pay too much attention to the grading. Ia read the level 3 books last acadamic year, and she was not an early reader.

    • Ws wr wb

      What colour was level 3? Was it red? Because they seem to have changed the levels I think. There is PK, K1, K2, Level 1, Level 2 and so on. Did you mean K2 being level 3? K2 is very very easy. R wants to read everything in order and is now reading the red level (level 2) which she seems to be reading fine mashaAllah. I think she’ll probably start to find the green level a little difficult. But I can’t tell you how much she is enjoying reading. She has read more books (from this series) in the last few days then she has read in the last year! MashaAllah.

  2. Aa dear sis, not sure if u remember me by name….i used to attend the R2R classes and usul-ul-fiqh friday class with u, we last met last eid at Dunstable Downs, i have 3 girls…do u kno who it is yet?!!

    i was so happy to hear the emaan series is back…we bought 1 bk about 3-4 yrs ago,and i SEARCHED for the rest of the series but was told it was no longer being printed. Alhamdulillah its back, jazakAllahu khair for letting us know!! just wanted to know how much u paid for the whole set.

    jazakAllah khr agn sis, ws Umm Nusaybah

    • Ws wr wb

      Yes, I do remember you. How are you sis? Are you back to home educating your girls? The brother is no longer selling the set at the price he sold them to me for and asked me not to advertise it at that price. But I believe he is selling the entire set for £70. Hope this helps.

      • Salaam dearest! No, I’m not formally homeschooling anymore, my girls are in yr 3 and reception at a muslim girls school…but there is still always SOME homeschooling to do! My daughter in reception class is a few months younger than R, and i love ur blog for inspiration for extra activities i can do with her…jazakAllahu khair! I’ve contacted Olive Books, inshaAllah will be placing my order soon!
        Take care sis, love ws, umm nusaybah

  3. Salaam,
    My level 3 books are red and include “Trips to Remember”, “A home for Fuzzy” and “School Days”. Those are the titles I was referring to.

  4. Salamalaikum dear sister,
    MashAllah you’re doing lovely work with your daughter, may Allah reward you both.

    One question please. How are you checking if her progress is upto grade 1 level? What benchmarks are you using?

    Btw, both my children are around the same age as both of yours, subhanAllah.

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sister. Ameen.
      To be honest sister, I don’t really use benchmarks to check her progress. She technically would be at reception level but is now doing year 1/grade 1 work mashaAllah. So, to be honest I think I will carry on just going at her pace. If at the age of 6, she is ready for year 3 work, I would just move on to that. If at the age of 6, we needed to go back to reception level work, I would go back to that. Hope that makes sense. I suppose I kind of follow the National Curriculum’s goals for her age group (very very slightly) just to make sure she is on the right track, but I feel that HE allows for room to move forward if your child can and move back if your child needs to. Hope this makes sense.

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