Sunday Planning


Sunday is when I plan for the week. Last week we had a week off due to Eid and we are starting back with our schedule again tomorrow inshaAllah. So, I thought I would let you in or how I plan each Sunday.

Firstly, as we are using the workbox system, I print off our workbox weekly planning sheet and fill it in according to our timetable for the week. I do this for the entire week so that I can see what needs to be completed etc. I’m quite specific, i.e. what lesson number, what type of arts and craft activity etc.

I then prepare Monday’s workboxes once the kids are asleep and they are ready and waiting on the shelf when she comes down in the morning.

I have also made a ‘I’m done!’ box with additional activities for R to choose from once she has finished her ‘formal’ HE. This includes different resources, arts and crafts boxes etc.

Each night, I look at the Workbox planning sheet that I filled in on Sunday and prepare the boxes for the following day.

Something else that I’ve implemented is a Word wall. At the moment, it is the wall next to the front door. Part of our English lessons are based on spelling. From this week, R will have 10 spellings to learn. If she gets them right when tested on the Friday, she gets to put the bricks up and make her wall. On a Sunday, I print out the bricks which can be found at I write down the words that she is going to learn and they are ready to be stuck on the wall if she gets them right. She’s quite curious and excited about this. Hopefully it will encourage her learning of spellings. To revise the spellings of these words, she can read them, copy them or use which has games to play based on the words you want the child to learn.

Other things that help me HE are:

1. My menu for the week. I really couldn’t HE without this. I know what I need to cook each day and exactly what I need to buy each week for the menu. I have two menus which alternate: so, week 1 then week 2 and then back to week 1. I change my menus monthly.

2. I recently put all of Z’s toys out of sight in a large cupboard and I alternate a smaller toy box every Sunday/Thursday. It keeps him more occupied than before because he hasn’t seen the toys for some time and so they feel new.

3. Splitting the cleaning between days of the week. So, one day cleaning the kitchen, one day cleaning the living room etc.

4. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS (no matter how tired I am), hoover the living room, clear and clean the table we eat and do HE on and wash the dishes and give the kitchen a quick clean over. This ensures that when I come down in the morning, everything is clean and all I have to do in the morning is change the kids, get them to wash, brush teeth etc and wash the breakfast dishes and we can begin. If I come downstairs to a mess in the living room and a sink full of dishes, I know that I would never be able to start our HE.

5. The IHSAN forum is a lifesaver! As well as some of my most favourite blogs which spurs me on to try new things and keep on track

6. And lastly, but most importantly asking Allah to make it easy for me and showing me where I am going wrong and guiding me to what is best for my kids.

This is my way of doing things – it isn’t for everyone and nor am I suggesting that you plan this way. But I hope it helps in some way.


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    • Ws wr wb

      To be honest sis, I tend to do the planning when the kids are asleep. My husband returns back from work quite late each day. Or when they are engrossed in an Islamic cartoon and the little one is strapped in his highchair!!! lol

  1. Assalamu alaikum dear sister, I like the way you wrote how you plan. Currently I am having difficulty planning my days homeschooling my 4 and a half year old son. Can you explain what Workbox is. Jazakallah.

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