Yesterday (on schedule) and today (really couldn’t be bothered!)


Yesterday (Tuesday), we stuck to schedule.

Carried on with our Animals Project:

R read these career files which led on to her asking questions about 'studying'. She asked me if she still needs to study because she won't have to work - her husband will work for her... (!)

R then matched some cards of images to their correct term.She then stuck them down on to sheets of paper. We are going to make a 'record-type-book' for this project inshaAllah.We then played a little game together using a 'Wordsort mat' that the curriculum provided as well as the vocab cards and their definitions. I placed a definition card on the right hand side box. R either had to read it or I read it to her and she had to guess which vocabulary term (all related to animals of course) it referred to. What was interesting was later on last night, the kids watched one of David Attenborough's programs and when he used some of the terminology that we had played with in this game, she jumped up and down and told me what they meant. So, this type of way of learning things seems to be suiting her mashaAllah.


I then asked R to choose a new vocabulary term that she would like to write a story about. She chose the word 'hatch' and this is her story. I didn't ensure that everything was spelt correctly. I just let her write freely.

InshaAllah her spelling will improve the more we work on our word wall which I started recently.

So, that was yesterday. Today, we had quite a pretty full day on our schedule. But, I felt REALLY tired and decided to scrap it all for today. Instead we went out and it SNOWED!!! After we came back in, R did these snowflake crafts:

Took a piece of paper, folded it in half. Then folded it so that there was a 60 degree point at the top. Cut an arch shape at the bottom. R then began to cut out any type of cut outs that she wanted.

After you fold it out, you have your snowflake. A very simple craft. I suppose different shapes can be experimented with.

Next, I printed a snowflake template from the net. We cut it out. Then R traced around it with a white pencil on black card.

I then boiled some water. Poured some into a bowl. And R added salt and mixed it with a paintbrush. She kept adding salt until the salt no longer dissolved and you could see it at the bottom of the water.

R then mixed the solution each time she applied it to the shape on the card. And we are leaving it to dry until tomorrow morning inshaAllah. Hopefully it will work...


R is hoping and praying (literally) that the snow will settle tomorrow so that she can play with her brother in the snow. It really is freezing cold here in London, so we’ll see what happens when we awake tomorrow.

Z has just eaten chalk! So better dash…


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  1. As salamu alaikum.
    Your site is very inspriring to me.May Allah give u success in this, Ameen. I would like to purchse bob books, but they seems so costly here, where i live. Is it possible for u to buy and post it to me, pls? Im in Melbourne, Australia.

    Jazakullahu khairan.

  2. Assalamalaikum wa ramahtullah, well done sis, you are doing really well mashaaAllah! I was just wondering… how did you do the bricks for the brick wall? Please let me know inshaAllah, jazakillahu kahyran.

  3. Salaam,
    The Attenborough programme was really a consolidation of the earlier lesson then.
    The snowflakes look effective, maashAllah.

  4. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu ukhti, Awww… I love the snow flake masha Allaah. I also homeschool my 4 children I have done so for 2 years now,alhamdulliaah. However I often find myself questioning my schedule. If you dont mind and if its not much trouble, could you share with me your schooling schdule. If you wish to not post it here, masha Allaah, you can email me
    shukrn , sister wa barakallaahu Feek (smiles)

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk for your kind comments sister.
      Our schedule is at the top of the blog under 2009-2010 SCHEDULE. Hope that helps inshaAllah.

  5. As salaamu alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakatuhu ukhti, shukrn, for responding and sharing your homeschooling schedule with us, this helps a lot, masha Allaah.

    Barakallaahu Feek! (smiles)

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