Learning Quran – Algerian Style?


Feels like ages since I’ve blogged.

We had some of R’s friends over this week and it was soo nice seeing the kids playing together. I am so grateful to Allah for R’s friends who have such good Islamic manners. May Allah aid their parents and reward them for the way in which they are raising their children. Ameen.

We’ve been carrying on with our schedule as normal until hubby had a few days off work. He’s off for some time and I find that when he’s off, its really difficult to keep on schedule. The kids rarely get to see him these days as he’s working long hours, so they just want to spend time with him which I don’t mind, but then it means that we are falling a little behind. And there are certain things I want to get finished before baby is born inshaAllah.

Am 30 weeks pregnant now alhamdulillah. Time has flown by so quickly and I feel under pressure with only 10 weeks left to go. Make dua for me please.

R started attending Quran classes twice a week at a masjid which is around a 10 minute drive away from us. I have never been into the madrassas in London and neither has my husband. As a Quran and tajweed teacher, he feels that the children are taught tajweed with incorrect pronunciation and he has to spend unnecessary amounts of time correcting the tajweed of his private students that have attended such madrassas. I’ve also heard horror stories of the kinds of children that attend these madrassas and have seen the behaviour first hand when I’ve been to the masjid to pray. I really didn’t want R to mix with such children…not until she has a fair grounding in what is right/wrong and acceptable/unacceptable and I don’t feel she is there yet and would be influenced. Allahu alim.

Anyway, hubby came home one day and told me of Quran classes that take place twice a week for children who have advanced somewhat in their hifdh. I wasn’t keen at all. But he said ‘She’s going!’ so that was the end of that matter. He feels quite confident about the teacher as it is a brother from his hometown in Algeria who also is a hafidh and has much experience with akham tajweed mashaAllah. So, I dropped her off for the first two hours last Wednesday with a heavy feeling in my heart. Madrassas really do scare me. But I can tell you that she has learnt so much in one week mashaAllah. I guess the technique of the brother seems to suit her. Not only was I shocked, but so was hubby. And not only that, but the children there seem to be of good behaviour mashaAllah. Its a small group of 8 children and the brother is firm but kind and rewards the children if they succeed.

R seems to have learnt how to make wudu from an older girl who has taken her under her wing when the adhaan for Eesha is called. I like company like this for R and so for now am quite pleased. Am somewhat worried about the pressure. The brother expects them to memorise quite a lot of Quran in one week, but hubby is adamant that she will do it. So, I guess I don’t have a say in that department either.

We’ll see how it goes inshaAllah. Mmm…learning Quran Algerian style!


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  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Twice a week seems the right frequency. I just think that too many hours on one thing can be exhausting for a child, or when it is everyday, everyday. InshAllah it is a good experience for her.

  2. Ma sha’Allah, it’s interesting how different teaching styles can be effective even if it doesn’t apparently seem so at first. I’ve always heard the stereotype that Algerians were pretty stern, but I’ve always thought that a bit of toughness is appropriate considering the importance of the Quran. So it seems like a good fit.

    Tawfiq inshaAllah!

  3. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa RahmatULLAHI wa Barakatuhu Sis,

    May ALLAH make things easy for you and your family (AMEEN).

    InshaALLAH everything goes well with the Qur’an classes.

    Also, may ALLAH make things easy for YOU as your due date gets closer AMEEN!

    Oh, and I thought that I had your email address but I think I’m wrong! 😦 Send it over when you get a chance, InshaALLAH.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

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