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My husband was off work for most of the Xmas period and so most of our routine came to a halt as we had a few family friends and attended invitations, as well as sorting out a lot of stuff before my mother in law arrives in February inshaAllah. I can’t wait for her to come. Although, we come from different cultures, we get on quite well mashaAllah. She respects my choices and I feel that I have a lot to learn from the many tests that she has endured as well as her patience. I feel that the older generation are of a completely different league than our current generation. Allah knows best.

Anyway, yesterday was back to routine. And the arrival of high temperatures and chesty coughs for all!

So, 2010 has arrived and I feel that time really is slipping away. I have 8 weeks left before baby is born inshaAllah! I’m excited and nervous. Both of my children, R and Z were born by emergency c-section. R after 2 days in labour and Z after almost 3 weeks in labour (on and off). Anyway, I booked myself at a hospital that supports women who want to attempt a VBAC (Vaginal births after caesareans) and although many hospitals in London will pressurise women to have another c-section after 2 c-sections, this hospital is supporting my choices completely. We have gone through the reasons that led up to my previous c-sections and it is a relief to know that they occurred because of unnecessary intervention on the hospital’s part. My birth plan is almost set and I have been VERY detailed as to what I want and don’t want in this labour. The hospital know that I will be kicking up a BIG fuss if my requests in labour are not met. Please make dua for me all! This is soo important to me – I cannot tell you how much…

Anyway, back to HE. Its been nice to get back to ‘normality’. We’ve been watching loads and loads of wildlife videos on the net, reading loads of books on animals and having lots of wildlife discussions! Not my forte but R seems to take after her father in her love for wildlife!!

ENGLISH: We’ve carried on with First Language Lessons which is going well alhamdulillah. R is reading more and more on her own mashaAllah. So, sometimes I don’t need to schedule her reading to me in the day as she is often with a book. I’m trying to find a good handwriting program. I looked at but am not sure. Any recommendations anyone?

MATH: This has been a bit slow, but we are continuing with the MEP.

QURAN: Now, I must say – the Quran class that R attends twice a week with my husband’s friend has proved to be an absolute wonder mashaAllah! May Allah reward the brother. His way of teaching has suited R perfectly and she has just whizzed through so much in such a short space of time. All praise is due to Allah. She has now moved from Qaidah to Quran and I’m very pleased with the class. My husband made a point of saying “Told you so!”

ARABIC: The same class will be starting Arabic shortly. But just the fact that the brother speaks Arabic only in the class makes me very happy as she is forced to listen and speak in Fusha. Although she speaks fusha, I am so worried that she will lose it as the only person she speaks to is her father.  All the children have an Arab background and so they all speak in Arabic. This is what I have been looking for. Alhamdulillah. So, we have stopped the private classes with the sister for now as this class is sufficient.

ISLAMIC STUDIES: We finally finished the Dua board. And I changed the layout and place where it is displayed in the house. I feel much better with this layout and R helped decide how to lay it out:

PROJECT: We have almost come to an end with our Animals Project. This has been enjoyable. And I think we will be sticking to A-Z for science but maybe mixing it up with other resources too inshaAllah. Today, R completed a data sheet on her chosen pet animal and had to state why she thinks her choice would make a good pet. She also read another non-fiction book supplied by this curriculum on the topic.

Art: Lots of sticking, cutting, painting and colouring has been done. She also made a hama bead design and card for her penpal.

She also has a new HE penpal in America which she is very excited about. The sister’s daughter will go first and she is eagerly awaiting her letter. I think we might have to do a bit of geo work on the United States! We’ve had two weeks off from our Thursday group, so R is looking forward to going back. Although I’ve just had a text from a sister saying there might be 16″ of snow tonight!!

And I think, thats about it.


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  1. Assalamu alaykum sis,

    Insha Allaah things will go as planned for your labour, May Allaah bless you with a healthy and righteous child, ameen.

    Masha’Allaah the du’a board is lovely, did you make up all the resources yourself?

    Also, I was impressed when I read your daughter has moved on to Qur’an already, Masha’Allaah, Allaahumma baarak feehaa (May Allaah bless her in it, ameen) it seems like the class is going well for her, alhamdulillah.

    • Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah,

      Ameen Allahumma Ameen to your duas sis.
      No, no! I’m not that creative. The dua board comes from

      MashaAllah, it is purely from Allah that she has moved on to Quran, but I actually think that she is quite late in doing so. I heard that the average age is about 4?! She’s 5 now and we have been working on the Arabic alphabet and the vowels for quite a long time. Anyway, she caught up eventually. I think if you can find a good class, then this really helps. I just couldn’t wait around for my husband anymore and I was scared to teach her myself due to my incorrect pronunciation.

  2. AA WR WB,

    MashaAllah on all of your achievements! InshaAllah you’ll get the birth that you want, may Allah grant you easy delivery and a pious, healthy child, ameen. That great your MIL is coming, you’ll get extra help and might be able to return to HE schedule sooner! xxx

    • Ws wr wb

      Ameen sis. To be honest, I’m looking forward to a good break with some good Algerian food inshaAllah. She’s never been to the UK before, so should be interesting!

    • Ws wr wb

      I really wanted to go for a homebirth but my husband was not comfortable with the idea at all. I think because it would be a HBAC, he feels it is quite risky. Although I have spoken to quite a few women who have had successful HBACs. And I need him to be strong as he’ll be my birth partner inshaAllah, so I wouldn’t want to have a home birth with a nervous birth partner.

  3. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa RahmatULLAHI wa Barakatuhu Sis,

    May ALLAH make things easy for you and your family AMEEN.

    MashaALLAH, that is a good looking du’a board. I used to do bulletin boards all the time but I’ve been so lazy.

    InshaALLAH you get a VBAC this time – when I had my c-section I was so unsettled for a long time afterward – I just didn’t see it coming and it happened so fast.

    If there is a next time for me, InshaALLAH, I will try for a VBAC too.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

    • Ws wr wb sis

      Ameen to your duas sis. You know, I want to create more awareness about why some c-sections occur! Its normally due to unnecessary intervention. And also, for women who have had previous c-sections, they don’t know that it is their right to try for a natural delivery regardless of how many c-sections they’ve had! Having a VBAC is less risky than another section and the mother recovers much faster. I just hope Allah blesses me with it inshaAllah.

  4. As salamu alaikum was Rahamatullahi was Barakatuhu dear sister,

    I just want to say that you are truly amazing and definitely an inspiration. May Allah make it easy for you in everything and help you achieve all you have planned.

    Please take care of yourself and remember whenever you are tired you should rest, we always tend to care for our family before us.

    Insha Allah you’ll have an easy birth and be blessed with a beautiful, healthy and righteous baby.

    Re handwriting, try this website:
    You can create your own handwriting worksheets as well as use the ones on the website, hope this is helpful.

    All my best wishes and may Allah be pleased with you, amin.

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk for your comments sister. May Allah make me better than what you think I am. Ameen. Trust me, there are other sisters who are the inspiration!
      Jzk for the link. Will check it out and use it inshaAllah.

  5. Salaam,
    Considering your previous experiences I’m not surprised you have a detailed birth plan, but I’m sure you’d have one of those anyway!! I never made a birth plan, as I didn’t think it would be read. InshAllah everything will go well for you.
    So glad the Quran class is working, alhamdulillah.

    • Ws wr wb

      I need to have a detailed birth plan sis as my choices have to be respected in order for this to move towards being a success inshaAllah. If I just go in there ‘hoping’, they will feel that they have the right to pressurise me into doing what ‘they’ think is best. Its my body and my right and that is exactly what I have told them! Please make dua for me.

  6. Assalamu alaikum dearest sis!

    Just wanted to let you know i have been through the anxieties ur facing abt the vbac, i had a c-section with my eldest and had to be very firm about trying for a normal delivery after this. they placed me in the high risk labour ward which had no birth-ball, i was determined to use one to help speed up the labour in case it was slow…so i took in my own one and used it alhamdulillah!! they said they’d give me a max. of 6 hrs in labour due to the risk of uterine rupture so we made loads of duaa to Allah and did whatever we could to speed things up – lots of walking, drinking raspberry leaf tea, rocking on the birth ball, staying upright to deliver etc…and alhamdulillah Allah allowed me to deliver normally. I pray that Allah, Whose Will dominates every single event, grants u a safe, quick and easy delivery and a healthy pious child…ameen! with love and salam, umm nusaybah

    • Ws wr wb

      You too sis? SubhanaAllah, your message has brought me much hope. Do you think I should start drinking raspberry leaf tea now? Will be 32 weeks tomorrow inshaAllah. Ameen to your duas sis. Has left me feeling very positive.

  7. assalamu alaikum again dear sis! nows the time to start on the raspberry leaf tea!! many do not advise taking it before 32 wks do to possible risk of early contractions, so inshaAllah u r ready now, they say to start with 1 cup a day, build up to 4 cups when u r full term (37 wks)…see how u feel inshaAllah. Also once u r full term having fresh pineapple helps ripen the cervix too inshaAllah, i used to also walk alot, and do some light exercises to help baby get into optimal position bi-idh nillah.

    Alhamdulillah i’ve had 2 vbacs, and i know many sisters who’ve been thru it too, maa shaa Allah laa quwwata illah billah!

    One sister i know successfully had a hbac, but she had to go into hospital immediately after the delivery as she had a bad tear, and this was quite difficult to have to be admmitted into hosp. immediatly after birth with new baby etc.

    Also a british midwife in saudi told me she’d attended to women having vbacs after upto 4 c-sections!!! i thought she was just trying to be encouraging to me, but she really did pull out the records to prove it to me, and it worked!

    InshaAllah pray istikhaarah b4 making any decisions, and keep making lots of duaa!! May Allah make it easy for u, keep u strong in tawakkul, eeman, hope and patience…ameen. love and BIG hug, ws umm nusaybah

    • Jzk sis. In my last pregnancy, I ate pineapple like there was no tomorrow! Lol! Its good I love pineapple. I guess these things work if baby is ready to come out. Will inshaAllah try out both. But I know that it is all in the knowledge of Allah. So, please remember to make dua for me. Jzk once again. 🙂

  8. As Salaamu Alaykum Wa RAhmahtuallahi Wa Barakatuh
    Awww, sis it’s so nice! I love your Du’a board! it’s so nice to see others make their own,masha Allah.
    Pregnancy & birth can be so scary at times, subhan Allah. May Allah Allow you to have a healthy & successful delivery as well as keeping you and baby healthy, Ameen. Look forward to updates on the arrival of new baby insha Allah.
    Take care, jazakallahu khair for sharing!

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk to you sis and umm ibra for designing such a wonderful IBB board! I’m looking forward to doing more of them inshaAllah. Got my eye on the Quran one inshaAllah! Can I just say, the Dua board is not only a reminder for the kids, but is definitely a reminder for myself! SubhanAllah.

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  10. Salam Sis.

    I pray that you are well and that the pregnancy is going well for you.

    I just had a quick question. My son is 3 years old and I would like him to learn fusha. I am looking for an arabic lady coming to our home 3x a week for an hour and talking, reading and playing with him in fusha only. My husband and I are Pakistani, and we speak English at home. I am pushing my husband to speak Urdu to our son (he is fluent in Urdu and Arabic). Our son understands Urdu but only speaks English.
    Just wanted to know:
    1. Do you think he can pick up Arabic this way?
    2. If its not reinforced, would he still retain it when hes older or would he have forgotten?

    Any other advice?

    I really admire all that you do, and you are always an inspiration to me MASHAALLAH! May Allah increase your himmah, and grant you and your children khayr in everything that you do.


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