More snow…


So it snowed a few weeks ago and then that eventually melted. And then it snowed again! Heavier to the point that R could make this with her father. She literally begged me to allow her to do it as I wouldn’t let her go out into the garden because she has been ill with a bad cold. But in the end, I felt bad and she had lots of fun. Here is her snowman:

Since we’ve been at home, unable to go out, we’ve got loads of work done. Alhamdulillah.

English, Math, Quran, Islamic Studies etc.

Today, we carried on with grammar. Still working on common and proper nouns. R has memorised our address as we talked about nouns that are places. A little activity that she did was draw herself a picture and a little note. She then put it in an envelope and addressed it to herself. It took two attempts so that the postman could actually read it properly. Tomorrow we’ll post it and she is looking forward to receiving her own letter!

Today, she had another 8-word spelling test. These words were four-letter words and mashaAllah she got them all right. She was excited to put her spelling word bricks on the wall again.

We finally finished her Animals Project and I’ve put it all into a folder so that R can take down the folder and use the games we made and read the non-fiction books that came with the curriculum whenever she wants. She likes looking back at previous lapbooks she has done etc.

She had a multiple choice test to end the project which I felt was very age appropriate. One of the questions was an open answer question. MashaAllah she got 9 out of 10 questions right. She enjoyed it and it showed me that she understood everything we’ve worked on since starting the Animals project. So, thumbs up to Science A-Z. Looking forward to using them again. I know I keep going on about Science A-Z, but really it has proven to be great as R has extended her vocabulary when talking about animals. I like that this science curriculum is based on reading and writing skills.

We’ve also been enjoying Islamic audio clips from this site. Haven’t listened to all of them. But as soon as I saw the one called Special Princess and new that it was an Islamic story, I just thought R will definitely like that. And she really loved it. I even had to say ‘awwwww’ when I realised who the story was about! Check out the site:

Haven’t looked at a lot of this site, but it also looks good:

Also, just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone that posted messages of support in my last post about my attempt for a VBAC. You have no idea how much that means to me. Please remember me in your duas especially around the end of February/beg of March when I am expected to give birth inshaAllah. Jzk!


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