Should ummihomeschoolsme move to blogger?


I love blogging and I have learnt so much from those that read this blog.

I’m a bit embarrassed at the ‘look’ of my blog and have noticed that my fellow blogging sisters who have blogs with blogger have much more attractive blogs. As with most things, I ‘m indecisive. So, if you have a few spare seconds, can you either vote in the poll or leave a comment.

Should I move ummihomeschoolsme over to Blogger?


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  1. Assalamu alaykum sis,

    Aw, you shouldn’t feel embarrased about your blog, there’s nothing wrong with it. I personally do like Blogger, I can’t really compare it to WordPress as I’ve never really used it,I find blogger really easy to use Masha’Allaah, and I’ve read others say the same also.

    Maybe just weigh up the pros and cons of each, I’m sure if you want to ‘play’ around more with the look of your blog, you’ll find plenty of tutorials around the web.

  2. Salams,

    Nah, leave it as it is! I think its fine as it is, infact I love the pencils pic thing, I was wondering where you got it from? I really want to do something with my blog, not sure how to do it yet tho,lol!

  3. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    Change it if you want but I like it as is. I get bored and start changing stuff all the time and probably driving everyone crazy. It wastes my time and makes me cranky. I sometimes wonder if mine hurts everyone’s eyes, lol.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

    • Your blog is just fine sis mashaAllah. I actually like the look of your blog and others and feel that mine is just boring and dull.

  4. As Salaamu Alaykum,

    Sis, You know what you like and what suits you better than us all. If wordpress does it for you, time wise then stay. If all you want is an attractive blog, then either add stuff on your current wordpress blog or switch over. Me personally, I plan on switch over to blogger. I like the widgets and other things there. I have a link that helps switch wordpress over to blogger if your blog is under a certain size. I have not tried it yet, but as soon as I find time insha Allah I am moving.
    Let me know if you want the link insha Allah.

    • Yes, time wise I’m used to it. I guess it would take time to get used to blogger. Maybe when I have more time (when I’m feeling cranky towards the end of the pregnancy) I’ll change it to get my mind off of the wait! Interesting to know others are also considering the move over!

  5. As salaamu alaykum,

    LOL. Another sister and I have had this same discussion recently as we are considering the same thing. I’m weighing in towards moving to Blogspot/Blogger as you can do so much more design wise. I was a hard core wordpress fan, but think I’ve been won over to Blogspot.

    If you want to give your blog more of your own attitude and customize more with widgets, it’s a lot easier to me on Blogspot. I always have trouble with widgets on wordpress, like 99% of the time. And with Blogspot, you have access to your template to make changes. There are so many neat widgets you can use if you go with Blogspot (I’m a gadget person)

    I know what you are going through trust me, I still haven’t made the final decision as there is just so much content on my blog to date. If my blog was smaller, I’d move it in a heart beat.

    If I move, mine would just be like a volume II cuz there is no way I am moving all my content, lol. Just don’t have the time (or motivation).

    I did make a list of pros and cons, lol, wish I knew where it was to give you. One con against Blogspot is that they do not host files. I typically upload a lot of files to my blog, so that is going to be a headache to have to upload files in a separate process. For me, that’s a problem, but if you generally don’t upload files, not really a biggy.

    Another issue for me, but doesn’t look like an issue for you is categories. You can’t do subcategories in a hierarchy (sp?)in Blogspot without some special code, but it doesn’t look like you have them, so may not an issue for you. (And I probably have too many subcategories, and for that matter, categories, lol)

    I have read that WordPress blogs fair better in search engine results. But if that’s not a major concern for you, its not really big. People will still find you insha Allah in searches, plus you have your regular visitors. (I’ve been reading a lot about blog building from blog heavyweights and their major concerns are a lot different than ours as homeschool bloggin’ mamas).

    With Blogspot, don’t know if it interests yo,u but you can use Google Adsense and Amazon very easy to monetize your blog, that’s nice if you want a little money as well.

    Anyway, those are a few things that I thought I would mention.

    We’ll love your blog no matter where you are! (But I say go for it if you have the time, lol). I used to like WordPress’s dashboard better, well I still do, but I think overall, Blogspot has more benefits for me to warrant a switch (well a restart up, not a physical move of my content)

    Umm Ibrahim Samirah

    • Wow sis! That is one long comment mashaAllah. Jzk for all the advice. Has really really really left me thinking. What kind of puts me off is the switch over of all the content, but then Umm Abdul Basir said that she has that link…

  6. Not sure about all the technical pros and cons, but as a regular bolg ‘reader’ I think the ones which have loads of fancy things on them – wallpapers, wierd fonts, hundreds of widgets etc – make them really draining to read and tiresome to navigate. Whilst some may not agree with me, I think white background and fairly simple layout are by far the most ‘reader-friendly’!
    Just my opinion though….

  7. Assalamu alaykum,

    No dont move! I personally dont like the look of blogger, I find there is tooo much on there and makes it confusing, I prefer a simply layout, not too fancy which is easy to navigate and read. Sisters I have spoken to say wordpress looks more professional. Why dont you just change the theme on wordpress if you fancy a change, but no black background with red text looool kills the eyes!!

  8. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    okay, see, now you’ve gone and given me the urge to change my blog, lol. After I told you not to change yours, I changed mine.

    Change it if it benefits you. Don’t worry about anyone else. I always think about going to wordpress though….

    • Ws wr wb

      Ooh sis, I must say I like the opening of your blog. That quote is one of my favourites mashaAllah. Very nice mashaAllah.

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