Library and BHF – what a blessing!


 Books that R and Z chose!

We’ve just come back from our local library. Didn’t manage to go yesterday due to my assignment. It was very quiet in there – I was quite surprised it was that quiet on a Saturday morning, but then probably most kids are watching Saturday Children’s TV. I remember thats what we did when we were kids.

Anyway, decided to open a library card for Z.  The 15 books allowance on R’s card ‘just isn’t enough’ (her words). So, each time we go, we get to take out 45 books. The librarian stopped stamping at 30 and advised me that I didn’t have enough space. I told her that I had my card and she said ‘But you’ll get fines’. I think her hands had become tired of stamping all those books. ‘It’s okay, I’m quite organised with returning and renewing books on time,’ I told her. She gave me a really dirty look, sighed and then carried on stamping the rest. What is it with these people? R saw all of this and commented that she definitely doesn’t want to work as a librarian when she gets older because she would have to stamp all those books for all the home educated children! Cheeky!

Anyway, before we went to the library we had two deliveries! Didn’t expect them to come so quickly as I had only ordered them on Wednesday! Our GLOBE arrived from amazon! Alhamdulillah! Managed to get one that was reasonably priced alhamdulillah. And then, another delivery arrived:


These posters and The Big Heart Book are huge! A1 size I think. A sister recently sent me an email as a response to one of my posts and told me about the British Heart Foundation and their many free resources for kids. They are all free but ask that you pay a voluntary donation which I think is fair considering the quality of all these free resources. They suggest an amount, but you can donate how much you wish. You don’t have to pay the voluntary donation, but I personally think its a good idea. Anyway, I ordered anything I could find for kids and we received posters, that huge book, a few other books, a Food Challenge games and activity pack, a school pack with over 60 games/resources, sticker chart. If the sister who told me about this is reading this – THANK YOU. Alhamdulillah! This is some really nice stuff!

I would advise that you visit their website and place your order.

 This is going to go down well with our Human Body Project inshaAllah which I hope to start after we finish the next ‘globe’ project inshaAllah. Today, we’re going to relax at home and read read read inshaAllah. R has just read a book about Japan and can’t believe that they have 1,500 earthquakes a year! SubhanAllah! She’s now reading an Oxford Reading Tree book and I’ll read some of them to her later inshaAllah. Its raining here in London, and I like nothing better than to snuggle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate and read as I hear the pitter patter of rain. Hopefully, I’ll get some time to read some stuff for myself too!


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  1. JZK for the link. But I am not sure where to go to order the free resources that you mention in your blog. Ant tips?

    Your exp at the library reminded me of our experience the other day. We are allowed 12 books on H’s card, but last time they allowed couple of extra books. So this time, I thought let me try taking out few more books, and they allowed about 20 books, and then H decided she wanted to get another just before we left (as we tend to choose our books, put them away to read at home, and then sit and read some more books in the library!) I gave her the card and told her to get the book scanned herself, but she was too shy to ask, so I asked and they allowed that book as well. So I guess there is no limit unless you get one of those ‘funny’ person behind the desk.

    So does R choose her books? I find that with H, I am still choosing books as I tend to search for the fav authors. She does choose at times, but ends up getting books that she has read before.


    • Sorry sis, I don’t think I was very clear. You need to narrow the search by clicking on children and I think the other one is teachers ‘something’.

      Yes, R chooses her own books. Because she is now independently reading, she can read the title and read the blurb and decide what suits her. I just scan through her choices afterwards to make sure there isn’t a book that isn’t suitable islamically.

      I also think that if H chooses books that she has read before, this is a good thing. R would always want me to read books that I read before. I think this helped her reading skills when she was your daughter’s age.

  2. Assalamo alaikum,

    What is it about librarians? I think they must have come from some *grumpy woman* rehabilitation programme, then they plonk them in libraries because they seem to all be the same, lol!

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Generallly, librarians and doctors’ receptionists all do the same customer service course I think lol…. having said that we have one lovely lady at our library who is so pleased the the kids are reading soooo much, alhamdulillah!

    Wassalaam, x

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