Everything ‘baby’!


I feel that our life has become very much revolved around the new baby even though baby has not arrived yet! lol

At the weekend, R helped me check the labels of all the old baby clothes and together we sorted them into different age groups. (I know there are some sisters who know me who are dying to know what the baby is – but the above sentence hasn’t given anything away, as I have old clothes of both sexes! Haha!) Anyway, we then stored some of the older clothes away and kept the newborn and 0-3 months stuff out.

Over the weekend, we sorted out mother in law’s visa for her arrival inshaAllah. Again, she’s coming for the baby! We did some baby shopping today – nappies, sudo cream, cotton wool, breast pads etc. R was so excited. We then discussed what baby will wear when baby comes home from the hospital inshaAllah. R has decided that she wants to decide on the outfit – she feels very much the big sister! lol

And after Quran, Writing, Grammar and Math today, she is working on a new baby lapbook. I’m too tired for the ‘globe’ project at the moment. So, the baby lapbook is something that she can do herself. She’s very excited about this as well.

I have a physio appointment which I am soo grateful to Allah about. And it has come so quickly. Alhamdulillah. I really can’t continue like this – my back really is very painful. Lots of expiation for my sins inshaAllah. Birth plan has been finalised and has been sent to the Head of Midwifery just in case there are some horrible midwives who will try and coerce me into having something that I don’t want in this VBAC. Although, they don’t know who they’ll be facing! At my last ante natal appointment, the midwife asked me why I had refused my last bloods. I told her why and she remarked “Gosh, looking at you, you would never think that you are so opinionated!” Where does this stereotype of the meek-quiet-can’t-speak-English-Muslim-woman come from?!

Anyway, am becoming more nervous as time nears towards the birth. A VBAC after 2 sections. Most women just sign the form to have an elective c-section, but I need to do this! I really don’t need a midwife who is going to be pushy or a midwife who is going to be scared. Head of midwifery is really supportive mashaAllah.

So, as you can see – life really is revolving around baby!


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  1. Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    Dear Umm Raiyaan

    May Allah, Subhaanahu wa ta a’la make it easy for you, and ease your pain, and may it be a purification for you, inshaAllah, ameen. InshaAllah, just keep making dua dear sister, especially (if you are able to) in the last 3rd of the night. Wasalaam, umm abdurrahman

  2. May Allah make everything easy for you once the baby is here and for the birth as well. Aameen

    Was just wondering if you could give me an outline of what you did with your daughter from age 2-3. a basic guideline of what you covered would be much appreciated. jazakAllah

    • Ameen to your duas sis. Will try to do a post about it as I need to start thinking about some stuff for Z to do too as he wants to ‘get involved’. If I forget, please remind me sister. Jzk.

  3. As salamu alaikum sis

    Insha Allah all will go well with your VBAC. Just make lot’s of Istikhara and trust that Allah has it all in his plan. I just had a 3rd VBAC 2 wks ago Alhamdulillah. The docs were VERY nervous the whole time bcuz I have big babies. I just kept reminding myself that whatever happens is already decreed by Allah.

    I will make dua for you.

    • Ws wr wb

      Really?? That gives me lots of hope mashaAllah. I place my trust in Allah. I know that if this VBAC is good for me, then He will make it easy for me and if it isn’t, then it just won’t happen. Mabrook by the way. And do I know you personally?

      • ASA

        Yes really sis. I am finally learning after 11 yrs of being muslim that Allah is truly in control of everything. I know how you feel about the c section thing as I have had 2 and after the first tried to avoid them like the plague. I don’t know you personally. I live in Pittsburgh PA. I did speak to someone via email a few months ago about this maybe it was you? If you have any more questions feel free to email me personally as I don’t want to clog up your comments 🙂 Insha Allah. Allah is truly Akbar.


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