What’s in the box?


My workbox tweak seems to be working well, alhamdulillah. It really is amazing how much work/activities (whatever you want to call it) the child can get done in a day using this system. I belong to the workboxes yahoo group for tips and advice as to what to put into the boxes, organisation etc and I think most of the Mums agree that this method leads to a lot of productivity.

I was supposed to fill her boxes last night, but I and a sister went to visit another sister who just had a baby all the way in North London and got back a bit late and then I was wacked! So, woke up this morning had breakfast, changed the kids, brushed teeth, washed etc and then let the kids play together for a bit. Whilst they were doing this, I filled R’s boxes for the day. Let me take you through her day today:

BOX 1: Quran – she reviewed three long surahs she has memorised, worked on a new one which she was tested on and read from the mushaf. She was very happy because she completed a new surah mashaAllah and put her sticker on her hifdh tree from muslimstickers.com

BOX 2: Islamic Studies – Still using the IQRA Seerah book. We read about why we love the Prophet (saw) and the trustworthy character that he had. She then completed a colouring-reading-comprehension activity.

BOX 3: English – Two lessons from First Language Lessons grammar book. Two lines of handwriting practice from hadith 1 of Imam Nawawi’s 40 hadith.

BOX 4: Special – She made a present for her new penpal in Canada. The card was made on another day. She then had half an hour on http://www.iboard.co.uk which is now free to use! Yipee!

BOX 5:  Reading – I read to her – no guessing which book: Another short story from My Naughty Little Sisters.The reading log chart has proved a success. She can’t wait to finish her 5 chapter books. I was a little worried that chapter books might be too much of a big step for her. But mashaAllah, she read one chapter to me from this book and I only helped her with words she has never come across before. I tested her understanding of the story by pausing throughout the chapter to ask her a few questions. This was to make sure she was actually understanding the story! This is the book she is currently reading(after changing her mind numerous times):

BOX 6: One lesson from the MEP plus an activity. We have number-scrabble pieces. Put them in a bag. She closed her eyes and picked out two, wrote them down on the piece of paper and worked out the sums. (Got this idea from ummrashid). She seemed to enoy it.

BOX 7: Still sticking with our Earth, Sun and Moon project. We spent some time looking at a picture of the solar system and the order of the planets. We discussed their different colours, sizes, names and positions in relation to the sun. R then made a model of the solar system using a board, plastecine, toothpicks and a picture of the solar system. It was a little difficult getting the exact colours right as she was limited by the pound shop plastecine set! But it was a different way of learning about the different planets. She tried to get the sizes right. I then asked her different questions: which planet is the closest to the sun, which one is farthest away from the sun. What position is earth away from the sun etc etc.

By the way, the basketball represents the sun! lol

BOX 8: Arabic – writing practice and reading practice using the resources from altilmeedh.com. She also worked on her Arabic numbers – again, a cutting and pasting activity.

BOX 9: Special – Linked to our project at the moment. She made a Glue Earth. This is quite easy to make. All you need is what is below:

Tape the cling film over the picture of the earth to the table. Mix the PVA glue with the food colouring. And the child paints on the coloured glue to the cling film. You may need to do a few layers. Allow to dry and then the earth can be stuck to a window and you can see the light shine through. I’ll post a picture of it once it is dry inshaAllah.

She’s also been using these:

She made patterns and pictures with them. I then made this pattern for her and she had to copy and colour the picture into the book. One square on her maths paper represented one white cuisenaire rod.

The above suggestion is thanks to ummrashid again!

Right now, she’s watching an episode of Animal Park on bbc iplayer. She is constantly asking me to watch the next episode and follows the stories of the animals featured in the program.

And she’s off to her kickboxing class inshaAllah in a few hours. And that is what was in the boxes!

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  1. Salam Sis, love your blog mashallah. Just a couple of questions- 1) how did u find the penpal- did u use a particular website? 2) where are the kickboxing classes? I would be interested if they were in south London. JzkAllah.

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