Renewed Intentions


Last night, I was on a bit of a ‘downer’.I felt like I wasn’t giving my kids their rights, wondered how long I could do this Home Ed thing for, and just felt GUILTY as a mother. We all go through it, don’t we? I seem to be going through it every other day at the moment. Maybe its my hormones, I don’t know.

Called another home educating sister for advice and she was completely understanding as usual, mashaAllah! One of the first things she said was: “I really don’t think this is the time to be making any rash decisions, do you?” I laughed in response agreeing with her. 36 weeks pregnant is definitely not the time to be making life changing decisions. We discussed what it was that we wanted for our children, why we thought these things were important. And I guess by talking to her, I renewed my reasons in wanting to homeschool. A

Aside from the fact that I feel that the education system in the UK is failing our children academically and morally, I want my children to grow up as unique individuals. I don’t feel that they will get this in school. I want them to have unique passions and interests and not just merely follow the latest fad. I want my children to have a deep attachment to Allah (Swt). I want them to learn right and wrong from us. I’m not stating here that I am the best example for my children, as I have many flaws. But I feel that my husband and I are the best ‘first reference points’ for our children because I know what we believe and what we ourselves our aspiring to and what we want for our children. I want my children to have a very deep attachment to the Quran. I don’t believe that this can really occur after a 9-3 schedule at school. I want my children to grow up as good Muslims, not just ones who pray and fast. But Muslims who are REAL Muslims and you can see this in their every day interaction. I want my kids to look back as adults and recount wonderful memories of their time at home, learning, loving and living. I believe that the childhood we give to a child is the adult that they will become. But naturally this cannot come without the guidance of Allah.

And so my brief ‘I-can’t-do-this-I’m-going-to-put-them-into-school’ moment last night vanished and my intention was renewed once more.

And this very very beautiful article which I have just re read made me realise even more the importance of raising our children and the importance of home ed in my children’s lives. May Allah grant us all the tawfeeq to give our children what is best for them – dunya wa akhirah. Ameen.

Please do read the article – it is a superb-heart-felt read:


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    Jazakillaahu khair for this post ukhti. I have recently been going through the ‘I am not good enough to teach my children, they would be better in school’ phase, but after reading your words and the words in the article it has given me a new love for home educating maasha’Allaah.

    Keep up the good work, i come to your blog almost daily for ideas and inspiration. May Allaah accept this from you as being done for His sake and allow it to weigh heavy for you on your scale of good deeds, aameen!

    Wa alaikum salaam

    Aamilah x

  2. Salams, I just want to add that many important and valuable things in life we have to work for and at times it feels hard but with du’a and patience we can get through these moments inshaAllah.

  3. Salaam,
    Maybe you’ve forgotten, or maybe you went to school in a better area. I’m talking state secondary school and the stream of muslim youth pouring out of it their speech full of obsenity, their music blaring from their mobile phones, their raucous free mixing, and their mini gangster swaggering.
    Obviously this is not EVERYONE, but neither is it a tiny minority.
    As you can imagine I would do everything possible to keep my kids out of that place.

    • Ws

      No, no, I know what you mean – I went to such a school! I thought you were talking about primary schools. It truly makes one feel sad when you see the Muslim youth, the next generation acting like animals! May Allah protect our children from that. Ameen.

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