Shaytaan and Home Ed


Shaytan really takes advantage of homeschoolers. When you jump into something different, such as teaching your own children, you become susceptible to his attacks of doubt and fear. Unsure of your abilities, you second-guess your decisions and desperately look for affirmation and direction. Added to those doubts are questionning remarks and comments from those who don’t homeschool, and soon you begin to think, “I could really mess up my children’s lives if I do this wrong!” The multiple battlefronts of spiritual, emotional, and physical attack call for us to turn to Allah (Swt) for reinforcement. Only by turning to Him for strength, wisdom, and power can we fight the fears that Shaytan is trying to plant in our minds and hearts.

Are you tired of Shaytan’s attacks? Does it seem like when you find victory over one fear another one develops? I wish I could tell you things will get better, but that might not be the case. The battles will probably remain. You see, if Shaytan can’t keep your family from believing and worshipping Allah, his next goal is to keep your family from living for Allah. If you’re feeling weary today, run to The Greatest and beseech Him for his help. Ask Allah to empower you to face every fear. For when we turn to Allah, we can overcome the whisperings of shaytaan and continue with our homeschooling duties for His Sake.


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  1. Mash Allah sister its true thats why at times I have doubts too and think should I put them in the local school but of course I realise no way as I always said I dont want my daughters taught by non believers.So yes the answer is to turn to Allah.

    • Ws

      How true sis! If Shaytaan cannot get us to stop something halal or do something haram, then he tries to preoccupy our minds with something halal, aiming to fool us into thinking that that is where the greatest reward lies. Whilst in fact, we are doing the lesser of the good deeds. Allahu mustan.

      Sometimes I forget that there is this enemy whose only goal is to take me and my family to the fire and he will use every way specific to that individual to achieve his goal!

  2. As salaamu ‘alaikum wa RahmatULLAHI wa Barakatuhu,

    Each day is a test – every single homeschool moment. May ALLAH guide us through the doubts and give us patience, AMEEN.

    • Ws,

      Yes, it is a test to homeschool. For me, the hadith about jannah being surrounded by hardship reminds me that inshaAllah Allah will accept this home ed journey as a part of that striving for jannah.

    • Ws

      Can’t take full credit for it sis. It actually came from a Christian Home Edders blog but naturally fitted in with Islam. I just tweaked a few words here and there to put it from an Islamic perspective.

  3. hmmm, i’ve been doubting myself yet again. but yesterday this is exactly what i’d realised. i need to turn to Allah for help more than I do and inshaAllah, i know my fears/doubts will settle. and now i read this article on your blog. surely that must be a sign i need to turn to my Creator more.

    • You shouldn’t be sis. You love your boys so much mashaAllah. That says something! But yes, we need to turn to Allah more and more for help. We often turn to other solutions first, but who is the one that can make the greatest difference???! Only Allah (Swt)!

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