Been some time since I last posted, or so it seems…

Mother in law arrived on Friday and took over the kitchen (no complaints on my part – lol). When you’re not used to having someone else live with you, it definitely takes getting used to. MashaAllah, she isn’t a difficult mother in law so I really cannot complain. She is trying to adapt to our lifestyle which I appreciate. Alhamdulillah.

She kept asking R when she is going to school. In Algeria, they start going to school around the age of 6 and R is almost 5 1/2 years old, so she expected her to be attending school already. My husband explained to her that I homeschool which she was surprised at (even though I have been homeschooling for the past few years). When we explained our reasons, she thought it was a good thing – just something different that she isn’t used to. She probably isn’t too shocked after all her son moved to the UK and then married a non-Algerian revert so I guess she expects us to live very differently.

I’ve taken it quite easy with the home ed. Just Quran, reading, spelling, grammar and math daily. All other times are spent how R wishes to spend it. We’ve been out a lot which I’m not really used to (so far – every day!), but my mother in law wants to see London.

Taking her to different places (nothing spectacular – sometimes just a major supermarket) has made me realise how fortunate we are, living in the UK. Many things we take for granted that others do not have – subhanaAllah.

It truly is a blessing having her here. Aside from the fact that I get to eat nice Algerian food, I learn a lot from her. Mostly, her patience. I am not the most patient person – anyone that knows me well will tell you that. And I am just amazed at the sabr and good character that she has mashaAllah. We place so much emphasis on external matters of the deen and yet you find that a simple woman who has spent over 40 years looking after her house, husband and 6 children (and is still doing so for two of my grown up brother in laws) has such outstanding character. I often find that we here in the UK have a lot to learn from others.

As for pregnancy, am playing the waiting game. Have had a few ‘scares’ but am still here as ‘2’. Feeling anxious, nervous and excited and just at that stage where I WANT IT OUT! LOL!

I have also laid out some sort of home ed plan as to what I would like to cover once I can return back to normal after taking time out to adjust to baby. I have included some toddler activities for Z as I feel that he needs a bit of my time. So, after the baby, ummihomeschoolsme will be covering toddler activities and R’s usual Home Ed routine. Z’s activities will not be ‘formal’, but I just want to ensure that I do something fun with him every day. I have seen quite a few other home edders who take time out to spend with their toddlers as a home edding family and I like the idea of this, so I have made a list of lots of fun activities and can’t wait to get started with him.

In the last few days, it is amazing the amount of Algerian and Arabic Z has picked up. He is saying many more words now. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean the workbooks will be coming out. Not at all. I just feel that he needs his time with ummi too.

InshaAllah the next post will be me saying that baby is out – lol! Please remember me in your duas.


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  1. AA WR WB,

    May Allah help you sis, and give you a safe delivery and pious child, ameen. MashaAllah you’re doing really well, I can’t stand anyone else in my kitchen,lol!


  2. Assalam aleikum dear sister,

    I hope you and the family are well Insh’Allah. I’ve been thinking a lot about you recently!!!

    Masch’Allah what a blessing to have your mother in law to help you, may Allah reward her.

    May Allah grant you the delivery you dream of, may He make it easy for you and the baby, may He grant you a wonderful VBA2C. Ameen

    Waleikum salam
    Anna Maria (Um Aisha wa Sarah)

  3. mashallah tabaraka allah you have very nice m other in low allah keep u all in happieness always inshallah im very excited for toddlers activity that u planning for alhamdulillah may allah make your hardness easy and return you back to ur family and the love ones in good health.

  4. Salaam Umm Rayyan,

    I used to live with my mother in law and now just started our life alone, and started homeschooling too! Inspired a lot from ur wonderful blog.

    May Allah bless u!

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