Survival Mode


I can’t believe it has been two weeks that I haven’t posted! Been meaning to, but time is seriously golden at the moment! SubhanAllah, it really is non-stop!

Okay, so what has been going on here for the last couple of weeks?

Well, last Monday we started back with our routine which has been tweaked some what! I noticed that the time away from formal home ed has resulted in some good things and some bad. It has left more remove for R to pursue her interests, her reading has improved SO much mashaAllah as we’ve been doing a lot of it and she is reading books to herself that she previously asked me to read to her. But things like her handwriting and math have suffered as we haven’t really been doing much of it since I had baby Y.

Last week was a productive week mashaAllah in terms of home ed (I also started some activities with Z who is just over 2 years old now and he loved it! I’ll post about that separately as soon as I can), but it left me completely exhausted and very teary (am highly emotional and hormonal at the moment – delayed reaction of the baby blues I think!) So, decided to take it easier for this week. Plus I have a 4000 word assignment and a 1000 report on that same assignment which is due on 21st May and I just don’t know where I’m going to find the time to do it.  As I don’t have an exam this year, this is my end of year assignment and if I fail it I fail the course. Please make dua for me!

Two separate sisters I know put something perfectly. They said this time with baby no.3 is Survival mode and you really have to do whatever you can to keep yourself healthy, well and sane! Interestingly, quite a few sisters with 3+ kids have said that child number 3 was the most difficult for them and then no. 4, no.5 and no.6 were easy!  Yesterday, I attended a surprise party for a fellow home educating sister who had number 4 about 5 weeks ago and one sister said something. She said only Allah knows what the mother goes through. How true! SubhanAllah, how true! May Allah grant all of us mothers patience and guide us to raise our little Muslims in a way that is pleasing to Him. Ameen.

I tweaked R’s daily schedule and we are staying away from the workboxes for now until baby Y gets a bit bigger. At the moment, I need to choose methods of home ed and resources that will leave me feeling less stressed. Getting through her list is taking longer than usual because of breaks for breastfeeding, tending to baby, Z’s activities. But she has been learning which is what I have to keep in mind. It doesn’t matter how long or how it is done as long as she is learning and enjoying the learning process. I have had to be realistic and adjust the goals I had for her until Ramadan as well as her daily schedule. See the timetable section and the goals section for what we’re doing at the moment. (scroll down to the added updates from April 2010 onwards)

So, I write R’s list of what I’d like her to complete for the day on her small whiteboard and she can complete the list in any order that she likes.

I have felt the need to be out quite a lot these last couple of weeks. I feel better when we get some fresh air and the kids are able to run around. So we’ve been attending our usual Thursday home ed group, we’ve also started attending a new Muslim playgroup run by a home educating sister. She has a daughter a little older than R so alhamdulillah Z gets to have his time and R isn’t bored as she spends it playing with her home educated friend. Been making a lot of use of our local park and beautiful gardens.

Aside from what we’ve been doing as per her new timetable, I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves:

Practised her spelling.

Then corrected the ones I told her that were wrong. We are working our way through spelling lists from the Jolly Phonics Handbook. We do a list of 10 words per day.

I am terrible at gardening. So she is growing some vegetables and flowers. She made the signs so she knows what will be growing where! Then her brother destroyed them all when they played in the garden. Grrr!

Here she is literally showing me the verb of brushing. We have finished work on nouns in First Language Lessons and are now working on verbs.

She has been working on this for weeks! There are so many parts to colour that it has taken her a very long time. She is now in the process of cutting out all the pieces and has made me keep various sized boxes to make her farm, stables etc!

The highlight of her week was yesterday. It was so nice seeing her face so lit up full of excitement. Although we promised her a party for finishing her memorisation of juz amma, I just don’t have the energy for it. So we offered her the choice of the party or a little bit of money to spend on whatever she wants. She found it very difficult to choose but in the end chose the money. Yesterday, her father took her to the shops and she chose a doll with accessories. I was surprised at her choice but it reminded me of how young she is. And I also realised that we haven’t bought her any toys since she was like 2 years old! It has been books or something ‘educational’. I’ve realised that she is still very young and at 5.5 years old she needs to play. As I write this, she is having so much fun with her new doll Sumayya mashaAllah.

And to end this post, I would like to recommend a little exercise for all you busy Ummis! I don’t know if you are like me, but I often feel guilty about everything! lol

I feel like I don’t achieve anything, I feel like my kids are not learning, I am not doing it in the right way and the list goes on and on and on. With my hormones at their peak, I’ve been feeling like I am failing at everything that I put my hands to. And so a sister sent me a message. She advised me to write a list of what I have achieved. It was difficult to do, but when I did it I realised that we mothers beat ourselves up a lot without realising that we do achieve a lot in the day. Next time you are feeling low or that you are not doing well home educating your children, write that list. It made me feel a whole lot better. Alhamdulillah.


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  1. As salaam alaikum,

    I’ve missed hearing from you. Alhamdulillah, glad to hear you are well.

    For me the third was not so bad, I felt like it started getting more difficult at number 5+. I guess it is different for everyone.

    Like my husband tells me when I want to just quit, “Take a deep breath.” Hang in there, sis and let go of trying to control everything. I am learning that these little people can’t be controlled.

    • Ws wr wb

      It is so true that they cannot be controlled. I’ve realised that we can only guide them by Allah’s will. We aren’t in control of anything really!

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Sometimes I find it hard not to dwell on that one thing that went wrong in a day. It makes it seem like the whole day went upside down,but this is not really so. I find making notes of what we’ve done really helps my sense of perspective too.

    • Its true! When one thing goes wrong in my day it puts me on a downer and I forget about all the positive things that have been achieved. I think it is a plot of the shaytaan. Something that we need to seek refuge in Allah from.

  3. Asalaamu Alaikum,

    Insha Allah you are well.

    I really like the look of the spelling words resource you are using with R, what is it called?

    Also, if you dont mind could you tell me more about how you go about deciding what resources you need?

    JazakAllahu khairun

    Take care

    Asalaamu Alaikum

    Umm Kashif

    • Ws wr wb

      They are from Chad Valley. I think they are called Spelling Cards. Well, alhamdulillah I have been blessed in that a sister who used to HE gave me all of her old resources. There were boxes and boxes and bags of the stuff. This was about a year ago. But in terms of resources I gather, if I see something that could fit into the goals I’ve made for her for the year, then I either buy it, make it, or print something from the internet. I also tend to choose things that fit in with her learning style. I hope this answered your question.

      • JzkAllahu khrn,

        Alhamdulilah you have answered my question.

        Take care

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