Z’s Zone!


So, this blog has mainly been about R. Now that Z is 2, ummihomeschoolsme will be blogging about Z’s zone! Welcome to Z’s world! lol

My little man was 2 at the end of March and mashaAllah has started speaking a lot more in Arabic and English. He actually started to speak more in English when my mother in law was here even though she can’t speak a word of it! lol (Strange huh?)

Anyway, since his baby brother was born, he has expressed thst he wants his ummi to spend time with him. I find that I am often spending loads of time with R as she is older and is being formally home educated, and lots of time with baby Y due to breastfeeding etc. And I feel that Z is being neglected somewhat – poor thing. So, decided to start some very simple activities with him. Now, don’t worry there are no workbooks! lol Just simple toddler stuff.

Here is what we have done so far!

 Here, I took these coloured containers and some coloured wooden bricks. I handed the bricks to Z and asked him to place them in the correct container and I kept repeating the colour names. He is repeating everything I say at the moment and kept saying the wrong colours but putting the correct bricks in the correct pot! lol

Now, remember Z has just turned 2. So, his attention span is…a few minutes! He did enjoy the above activity but then found more pleasure playing with the actual box!

Dear Zoo is a book I read so many times when R was little. Z also loves this book. We read it again and again. I think reading the same books over and over again at this age is good for their vocabulary and speaking skills. I don’t tend to read lots of different books to my kids at this age, but rather pick maybe 5 and keep reading them over and over again. The kids identify with the story and engage with it as it becomes familiar. Z shouts the word ‘BACK’ when I read each page.

At the moment, I am trying to choose activities that teach Z colours and the names of animals. This is a good book that teaches colours, names of animals and shapes and is interactive as the child plays with the shape sorters. The book is called Colours by Campbell Books.

Here Z is using R’s rubber stamps and is stamping them onto paper. Great fun – his hands were full of ink but he had a blast and was naming different fruit as they came up on the paper.

Finally, Z did some bead lacing. As you can see these beads are HUGE, great for toddler fingers! He squealed and squealed as he worked out how to thread the beads on to the string. Good for developing fine motor skills. Again, I tried to reinforce the names of colours as he beaded. These beads are from Melissa and Doug which I bought very cheap on amazon.co.uk. By the way Melissa and Doug have some great educational toys, but buy them from amazon or ebay as you can find them cheaper.

And just like I did with his sister, he is being taught to tidy up after he finishes with something. Naturally, he is very very VERY different to his sister but gets it in the end mashaAllah. I am a firm believer that habits within children should be started very young. I am not being overly strict with Z, not like I was with R (which sometimes makes me cringe!), but I do expect certain things.

So, whilst I was doing all of this with Z, R was doing work that I set her. I think this is the first time that I have had to juggle 2 children with ‘formal-ish’ activities (in terms of Z), but it wasn’t too bad. After we finished he just went off to play, amused himself and got up to mischief! How different boys and girls are!


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  1. Salaam sisters,

    Check out thebookpeople.co.uk for oxford reading tree books. You can get the whole set of 31 books for £15! reduced from £129 or worth that much.
    Excellent resource for Home Schoolers!!! x

    • Lol! Nothing too formal for him – just some quality time with ummi which I feel he hasn’t had yet.

  2. Asalaamu alaikum ukhti,

    Masha Allah you are sooo organised.

    I really like the look of the rubber stamps you are using with z. Could you please tell me where you purchased them from insha Allah.

    I love your blog.

    JazakAllahu khairun

    Asalaamu alaykum

  3. Ws wr wb

    Jzk for your comment. I try to be, but am trying not to be tooo organised. We were actually given the rubber stamps as a gift. Have no idea where the sister got them from. But try WH Smiths maybe?

  4. Assalam o Alikum,
    Jzk very nice blog. I’m very happy to see muslim mother homeschooling. My Son is 10 mnths old MashAllah. I’m planning to homeschool him and was searching the internet for same purpose…. I’ve no idea where and when to start… Your blog is very informative… There are many sites for non muslim mothers and they too have good stuff but yours is best. May Allah bless you and your kids Ameen

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