It was not my intention to write two posts today. But I feel the need to write this – subhanaAllah.

Last night, the father in law of one of my friends passed away. And a few nights ago, I found out that a sister I know has a cancer. When illness and death hits people you know, it really does have an effect on you. Last week I was feeling quite  low and didn’t know how to get out of that ‘rut’. Now that I am completely back to normal ALHAMDULILLAH, I realised that it was just hormones from pregnancy and labour rearing their ugly heads. But one thing I did that I remembered as advice from a lecture I attended years ago, was this: When you are feeling low and sad, begin to count the blessings that Allah (Swt) has placed in your life and you will find that you begin to taste the sweetness of faith that your soul has been deprived of.

This afternoon I spoke to the sister whose father in law has passed away and it broke my heart to hear her in so much pain grieving. May Allah ease her pain. Ameen. And so sisters, I feel the need to be grateful.

I am grateful for the following:

1. That Allah (Swt) guided me to Islam. When I think about how lost my own family are, I am grateful for being guided.

2. For my husband. Imagine the pain and loneliness of those who do not have a husband.

3. For my children who are healthy. I am grateful for having children, for having the number of children that I have and for the fact that they are healthy. Some sisters are unable to have children, some are struggling to have just one more.

4. For my health. How precious our health is. It is only when we fall ill that we realise how precious our health is.

5. For my home. Wallahi, when you really contemplate – we should be grateful for the shelter that we have.

6. For the food I eat and the means He has granted us so that we have variety of food. Some people eat the same things each day.

7. For my wonderful sisters and friends. I have been through times of intense loneliness and I am grateful to Allah for answering my duas when I asked him to bless me with beautiful companionship.

8. For the ability to home educate. When I envision what my children can become, the way they will see the world inshaAllah, I smile.

9. For clean water.

10. For my eyes that can see the faces of my children when they laugh, for my ears that can hear the sweet chorus of the birds when I awake for fajr.

There is so much more that I want to add, but these were the 10 ones that came to mind. Allah (Swt) is indeed Al Karim – the Generous One. Wallahi, we do not realise the many favours that He blesses us with each day. Read Surah Rahman if you want to reconnect with your Creator. It will bring tears to your eyes after you make the above list.

So, sisters – what are you grateful for today?


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    • Wa iyak sister. Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the routines of life that we forget these important acts of worship.

  1. Assalamualaikum sister,

    I have been a silent long-time follower of your blog and ma’shaAllah, you are an inspiration. May Allah reward you for the many things you shared, but in particular, this post. It is a beautiful reminder for me personally at a time when I needed to read it. How perfect is Allah in his timing, alhamdulllilah.

    May Allah have mercy on the sister’s father in law, Ameen. And may Allah continue to make things easy for you and your family.
    May He give strength to all the sisters who are on this wonderful journey of motherhood and reward us with Jannah. Ameen

    Take care,
    Your sister in
    Islam, Umsaara.

    • Ws wr wb

      I always love hearing from readers of this blog. Ameen to your all duas sister. Take care
      Wsm XX

  2. Asalaamu Alaykum sis

    Your words of gratitude i think will have struck a chord with all the sisiters who have read it, because gratitude to Allah swt for what we have is something we easily forget- its all too easy to focus on the negatives in our lives, so thank you for your heartfelt reminder.
    May Allah have mercy on your friend’s F-in-Law and may Allah grant the sister with cancer Shifaa Ameen.
    May Allah reward all your efforts Ameen and keep on reminding us!!
    Shaheen mum to A’isha(35mths) & Eesa(12mths)

  3. As salamualykum JazakAllhukhairn for the reminder.

    it reminds me of an acitivty i wanted to do with the children. the tree that i think a sister mentioned on her blog. about drawing a tree and then everyone wrtiing a blessing on the leaf shapes and adding it to the tree. i AM not sure who posted it! sorry.


    • Ws wr wb

      Waiyaki. Yup we made that tree a couple of Ramadans ago. I think I might do it again this year now that she is older (and hopefully a little bit more wiser).

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