Museum of Childhood


I visited this museum when I was a little girl. R has been there quite a few times but not with me. So, it was strange but nice going back there yesterday as an adult with three children. Isn’t it funny how places look so much smaller when you revisit as an adult!

This is a museum that I would recommend everyone to visit. Kids will enjoy looking at toys of the past and there are normally trails, activities and other hands on stuff that children can do. As I was looking at the toys from the past I really felt that childhood is definitely not what it used to be. Children would spend hours playing with simple toys. Nowadays children have fancy technological stuff and they are so bored so quickly. Its quite sad really. 

Here was our day (move your cursor over the bottom of the picture to see the slideshow):

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  1. Assalamualaykum,
    My boys loved the train set displays when they were little. When I was a child I used to get a go on my grandfather’s train set, which he had built all the way round his loft.

    • Ws wr wb

      Awww, I can just imagine your boys being as fascinated as my Z was. You should have seen his little face. He kept saying ‘Ummi, train train!’ and would follow the train around and around. Wow, that must have been amazing as a child having a go on a train set. It must have been quite big.

    • It really is – not just for the kids, but for us too! lol
      Some of the toys that I used to play with as a child were behind glass cases which really made me feel old! lol

      • As salaam alaikum,

        Hmm. We have Children’s Museums here in Richmond, but we don’t go as my husband says they aren’t clean and full of germs. We don’t frequent the indoor play areas much.

        As for a museum of this sort, the closest place that I can think of is the Smithsonian in Washington, DC.

      • Ws wr wb

        Yes, I guess your husband is right. But this museum looks very clean.

      • As salaam alaikum,

        Well, it is more that the day care groups with young children visit these sort of places and the parents send them to preschool/school even if they are sick. On several occasions we have gotten very ill after visiting, so a a result of that those experiences, we no longer go.

  2. inshaAllah, will definitely think of going there. looks like good fun. are the workshops open to all and are they open during term time?

    by the way, has R started wearing the Hijaab? thats sooo cute mashaAllah.


    • Yup, workshops are open to all and I believe they have different workshops during term time and half term. R wears the hijab sometimes. But I am trying to encourage her to wear it more now inshaAllah.

  3. Assalamu alaykum wr wb
    my dear sister
    I wanted to go to this museum last year when we where in London, but the time passed so quick.
    Jazzakhallah, for nudge I will try to go this summer insha’Allah. What is nearest underground station?


    • Ws wr wb

      Nearest underground station is Bethnal Green and is maybe a minutes walk away from the station. Hope I’ll see you this summer inshaAllah! 🙂

  4. Assalamu alikum
    masAllah looks really nice, and so peacefull. When Im with my kids there is like Im just running behind them, subhAllah. When did u go, we went yesterday. I like that museum and its good that I just next to Bethnal Green station so u dont need to walk that much.
    well hope to see u soon
    take care

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