Prayer Outfits for Girls


A sister I know makes these lovely prayer outfits for girls and women.

I have one which is so convenient and easy as you just slip it on over your head and it covers everything. Its excellent for us and our daughters in that you don’t have to search for an abaya and scarf and it doesn’t take long to put on. They normally sell these prayer outfits abroad but I have never found a shop who sells them. They are all in one and she makes them in a variety of different colours. The pics below shows R in hers.

The sister makes them with a matching bag with a velcro fastner. Both R’s prayer outfit and bag has diamantes on it to make it that extra bit special. 🙂

Prices are as follows (excluding postage costs):

Girls’ prayer outfit with matching bag: £10

Women’s prayer outfit with Quran bag: £16

Women’s prayer outfit with Quran bag and a side hand bag: £20

She also sells Quran bags so that the children can carry their Quran to Quran classes etc: £2

If you want to buy more than one item she is willing to give discounts upon request.

If you are interested, send me a message or email me and I will pass on her details.

Here are the pics:

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  1. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    AlhamduLILLAH I was just looking for these recently! I may be interested in getting some for the girls, InshaALLAH so please let me know how to contact her.

    JazakILLAH Khairin,
    Take care,

      • aww mashaAllah could you please email me the sisters details and inshaALLah i can buy 1 for my daughter its exactly what i have been looking for .
        JazakAllah kheir
        fiaman allah

  2. Mash Allah I really wanted to know where I could find these and alhamdulliah I was so happy to read the post and find that a sister makes them. Please email me the contact details.
    Jazakum Allahu khair

  3. Ma shaAllah, my girls would love these, as they are typical girls who love anything to do with dressing up. Of course, it is a great way to encourage prayers. It is also nice to see and support our sisters with their business ventures. I would love her details inshaAllah.

    It’s interesting to see most of you in the northern hemisphere coming out of hibernation with your spring/summer activities. It seems like everyone is hatching butterflies ma shaAllah! It’s the opposite down here in Melbourne Australia. We ‘re just starting to bring out our extra thick jackets, al hamdulillah.

    Take care

    • Yes, I think it is very important to support our sisters in their businesses. Emailing you the details inshaAllah.

      Lol! Strange to think of you all in your thick jackets. My Geography was terrible at school. So when exactly is Spring in Australia?

      • Spring starts about end Aug, september in Melbourne which is down south. The weather is completely different though in the northern parts of the country, where the climate is more tropical, as those who live there will tell you.
        We don’t get snow here except for the mountains and as I look out my window, most of the native trees here retain their leaves throughout autumn and winter. So there is not such a stark contrast in seasons as for you guys who, I can see why you would appreciate seeing the green of spring after all the snow.
        Masha Allah, this is something which I never really thought about until recently when I was discussing the seasons with the girls and we were looking for signs of autumn a few months back. This is one of the things I love about learning with your children. It opens your eyes to new things which you never saw or thought about before, alhamdullilah. 🙂

  4. Salaam MashAllah R looks so adorable in her prayer outfit! Pls could send me the sisters details i’m v interested. JazakAllah Khair.

  5. MashAllah, she is indeed a very grown up girl, ready for prayer. It reminds me of the praying outfit which the ladies in Tarim use and I have to say it is the best , as it covers absolutely everything. So she is a proper Shafii Muslimah!!!xxx

  6. Assalamu’Alaikum

    Could I have the sisters details please?
    These look perfect for my three daughters insha’Allah.

    Jazakallahu khairan

  7. Assalamu Alaikum, Umm Rayyan!

    I opened your blog today and found this wonderful dress. Is it possible to send the details of that sister, please?

    Jazaki Allah Khair.


  8. Assalaamu laikum

    May Allah reward you sister. Could you please send me details for these gorgeous prayer outfits.

    Jazak’illah khair


    • Salaam sisters, I have emailed you privately with the contact details of the sis who makes the prayer outfits. Wsm x

  9. Salaam sister,

    I just read you post about Islamic prayer outfits may you please send me the details as I would really appreciate it

    Thank you

  10. assalamu aleikum, sisters.
    My name is Nura (Anya Designs). If you are interested in the prayer hijabs and more, please email me on: or text me on:
    I am going to have few hijabs at Islamic Mela this sunday,inshaALLAH.
    JazakaLLAHU khairan.

  11. salam’alaykoum oukty
    je suis une soeur de france
    macha Allah ton blog est magnifique
    j’admire !
    bonne continuation : )

    • Ws wr wb

      Its good I understand French lol! Merci beaucoup pour les mots gentilles. (I think thats how I spell it).

  12. Masha’Allah, thank you for posting this. I have been searching the net for an hour now looking for exactly this! Please email me your friend’s details. I can’t wait to get my daughter one!

    Jazaki Allahu khairan.

  13. Salam sis, do you still have this sisters details? I really want to get in contact with her regarding these prayer outfits? Jzk. hope ur well inshallah. Um Ibrahim x

  14. A Salamu Aleykum Sister!!

    Thats look so nice, thats what my dauther wants to make namaz with me. Can you please provide details how to order this wonderful prayer outfit? Thank you in advance… Sabira

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