Summer Activities


At the moment, I’m doing a huge spring clean of my home. I tend to do this each year just before Ramadan as I like to approach the month with everything clean and sorted out. I do room by room. Throw stuff away, give stuff away and generally clean and tidy bits that are normally forgotten during the year.

I rearranged our home ed stuff in the living room. Most of my own personal files and books are now in my room which has left three shelves of space which I have filled with all the arts and crafts stuff! Nope, I’m not mad lol! With kids I do think if things are not visible to them they won’t make use of them. So, I have given R the responsibility of using all of her arts and crafts and paint stuff whenever she wishes, as long as she cleans up and puts things back in their proper place. (By the way the shelves are high so that Z doesn’t get to them!) I also filed away all of stuff done in home ed this year into R’s yearbook which is a folder. We now have 3 yearbooks that have been completed which means we have been home educating for 3 years! Time really has just flown by! SubhanAllah.

We’ve been on a break now for some time. So, here are a few chilled out summer stuff that we have been up to. Although we tend to follow a structure home ed path, it doesn’t mean the learning stops just because the formal schedule has.

Last week we attended a sports day that was arranged for Muslim home educated kids! I must say the sister who organised it really did a marvellous job mashaAllah. It was wonderfully organised, the races and games were unique and fun and each child left home with a certificate and prize.

There were between 30 and 40 children mashaAllah and I really can't wait til next year. Although it took us ages to get there it was well worth it.

And the park had beautiful views mashaAllah.

After R's online Arabic lesson on Saturday, I promised her that she could do some baking even though it was 8.30 p.m by the time we got around to doing it! You all know my baking is a disaster but I don't think it is 'mother like daughter'. Her cakes which she made herself turned out delicious mashaAllah.

Can't tell you what a good investment these fabric pens are. R made herself a prayer mat yesterday.

R’s summer reading challenge poster from the library. She has to read 6 books. Each Wednesday for the next few weeks there will be different activities in the library based on the challenge. I’ve signed her up for all of them. Although it is tiring running after Z whilst this is happening and breastfeeding Y, things like this I feel are important in home ed.

And finally I checked my email this morning to find a notification that my fellow sister who blogs at posted the link for the above craft. Decided to let R make it. She really enjoyed it and we hung it above our table. She can't wait for Ramadan to begin inshaAllah.

A nice craft to make. Do visit the sister’s blog to get the download. Not sure if you can see it in the picture but the star and moons at the bottom are 3D. As you can see, lots of arts and crafts being done. Due to the house move and then baby Y being born, I didn’t have the energy or patience to let R do as many crafts as she would have liked. So now trying to let her enjoy being creative.

What have you been up to during the summer?


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Masha Allaah the Sports day reminds me of My working days in the school. How much effort we put for this day every year and it turns out a wonderful evening masha Allaah. I know the feeling sis how much the parents and kids enjoy this day. I am happy that you have this for home ed kids as well.

    • Ws wr wb

      I know – it really was a wonderful day mashaAllah. The sisters who organised it were so creative with the games mashaAllah.

  2. MashaALLAH, it looks like the kids had a lot of fun!

    I’m not so great at baking either but the kids love to do it. Perhaps I should loosen up and let them try it out?

    Since R put the craft together, M can be in charge of it too. I haven’t printed it out yet as my color printer is still upstairs where my laptop used to be.

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

    • Definitely sis. I have tried to ‘loosen’ up too! Lol! But the look on R’s face when she does these things is just priceless. Alhamdulillah.

  3. Salaams
    Masha’allah it seems you’ve had a busy, fun and productive summer.
    I’ve quite new to home ed so i’ve just spent the past few weeks getting my head around what i want to do and researching what’s available in my local area. (with a few trips thrown in there for the kids)
    Like you and many other sisters are doing at this time, i’ve also been trying to get organised before ramadhan, sorting out the classroom, storage, resources etc.
    I’m loving your blog, found so many great ideas and tips on here which i will be utilising so Jazakallah khair and keep up all the good work. wslm t

  4. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Jazaka Allah khairan for this nice post. Which online Arabic course is R taking? Would you recommend it? At what age do you think children can start taking such an online course (I know if varies from child to child)?

    May Allah (SWT) give you success in all your endevours.

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