Looking after them..


Assalamu Alaikum,

How are you all? Excited about next week? Prepared? Nervous? Ramadan evokes feelings that one feels when they are about to get married! lol
Last year a very dear sister lent me a CD which made a huge difference to my Ramadan last year. It was one of the best talks I have ever heard and I am so so so so so EXCITED to tell you that you can listen to it online! Yay!!!!!!! 🙂
Please remember to make dua for the speaker, our dear beloved brother Ali Tamimi who is imprisoned by the US. It is no wonder why they imprisoned him after listening to his inspiring lectures. Don’t forget to make dua for him.
Here is the link. Enjoy dear akhwaat! Oh, and get some reward and pass it on inshaAllah! 🙂
Also, I wanted to clarify something which I wrote in my ideas for ramadan post. When I said that ‘I will decide who wears what for Eid in advance (thats 5 people to think about including the husband lol)’, what I actually meant was that on Eid day I get 5 people’s clothes ready. My husband does choose his own clothes but I iron them for him and lay them out.
Now, this has led me to think about something which I and some sisters were advised about a few Ramadans ago. To me, it was brilliant advice for Ramadan and really changed the way I saw Ramadan. When I had my first child, I was really frustrated that my husband would enjoy taraweeh in the masjid whilst I either stayed at home or went to the masjid only to be surrounded by loads of screaming babies and kids! In a way I silently resented the fact that he was having this amazing Ramadan and I wasn’t. When I had my second child, it was almost impossible for me to even think about attending taraweeh! Until, a sister gave a beautiful talk that I attended. In it she advised us that Ramadan should not be about ‘who can get to the masjid and pray’, but rather we should make Ramadan as pleasant and as easy as possible for our husbands. Something like this, if the intention is correct, could mean A LOT OF REWARD. I don’t know about you, but I am unable to make it to taraweeh in the masjid with 3 young children and I used to feel that the loss of that type of ibaadah was so great. And whilst it is, we need to choose other ways to gain reward in this blessed month.
Seriously, making Ramadan as easy as possible for our husbands will not only make them happy but is a simple way of gaining that ajr that we so need. So, yes, why not place a glass of water to their mouth as the Prophet (saw) used to do to Aisha (RA). Why not, iron their clothes ready for taraweeh and eid? Why not run them a nice bath to make ghusl in on yawmul jumuah?
By Allah, before I became Muslim I would never have seen myself doing these things, but you know what it is all about the intention behind deeds. In a book called ‘Winning the hearts of your husband’, the author narrates a story of one of the pious predecessors in which she was advising her daughter before she got married. She advises her ‘Be like a slave to him and he will become your slave’. Couldn’t agree more. And look at it this way too. Not only will you be gaining the pleasure of Allah and an easy way to gain extra good deeds which will also make your husband happy but it will unite the hearts between your husband and you.
So, why not look after them even more than usual this month?
Have a wonderful Ramadan!


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  1. AA WR WB,

    MashaAllah beautiful advice, jzk khair!

    BTW, I always chose my husbands clothes (and lay them out), what’s wrong with that?


  2. Salaam Aleykoum warahmatullah,
    MashAllaah sister, once again you given us some very wise advice, may Allah reward you and bless you and family and give you a wonderful Ramadhaan with loads of reward, ameen.

  3. Beautiful advice sis (even though at 30wks pregnant, i’m finding it hard looking after myself let alone anyone else).

    Please remember me in your duas. love to you and kiddies.

  4. salaam alaikum uhkti,
    That is good advice mashaAllah, jazakAllah khair… I am going to repost part of that post with the main points with a link to your site, if that is ok inshaAllah?

  5. mashallah couldnt agree more but i always say its no big deal if a man becomes a saint (he has no distractions)if a woman attains that relationship with allah then that is truly something!(i mean wih the screaming kids}

  6. Masha’Allah! Wishing so much that I had read this beautiful advice before Ramadhan came to an end. I shall certainly bare this in mind for the future, because not only am I unable to attend taraweeh due to little ones, but there is only one masjid in the town that allows sisters to attend. I wonder if this would apply for Salat ul Jumuah too.

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