Back to normal


Wow! Ramadan flew by (as usual!) And eid was nice. MashAllah, this year’s eid salah has to be my absolute favourite!

We drove about 30 mins away which took us to the outskirts of London and prayed in a large park with 500 other Muslims. This is actually the sunnah and mashaAllah it really did feel like Eid. All the sisters were hugging and greeting each other. And the khutbah was really meaningful. The Imam talked about the fact that celebrations amongst non-Muslims are always linked to either colonisation, independence from a country or someone dying on a cross (!), etc. But the day of Eid is all about celebrating the oneness of Allah (Swt). Never ever thought about it in that way. What was really amazing was an almost 80 year old revert that had only taken his shahaadah days prior to eid.

Where we prayed the eid prayer

Bouncy castle, balloons, ice cream and tea and breakfast provided by the masjid!

After that we spent a nice day out and came back home to a few gifts for the children. Was a nice eid alhamdulillah.

 On the Saturday, we were invited by one of our home ed sisters to a party which was absolutely brilliant! The games were great and there were so many prizes for each child in each game. It was really planned very well mashaAllah. You did a great job sis! MashAllah! On Sunday, we spent the day in East London at the East London festival. It was a nice day but oh my gosh was it packed! I bumped into so many sisters that I haven’t seen in years including one that I went to primary school with (she already knew that I had become a Muslim so it wasn’t a shock seeing me donned in a big black hijab lol) So, after such a crazy hectic weekend, I didn’t have time to get myself ready to start back our HE routine on Monday. So, instead used that time to do some last minute prep and R amused herself with, making a family from wooden spoons, an arts and crafts jungle that is currently a work in progress, reading and some Quran. I realised that even if we don’t stick to our timetable, she still manages to do a lot of stuff which is still educational and she’s still learning which is the main thing. I have promised myself this year that if I can’t keep to schedule that I will try to relax because learning really does happen in different ways and not necessarily only per the timetable I set her!

For example, making cupcakes and decorating them (math, art, language skills can all be taught in this really easy informal activity).

R decorating cupcakes.

Z decorating his cupcakes too.


Today was our first day back to schedule. R completed Quran, handwriting, math (which ended up in tears because her father thought it would be nice to make a joke about her Math ability!), grammar, read to me, I read to her, and we started on our Quran curriculum by discussing surah naas in detail and she completed the Ad Duha Mini Tafseer book. Although I did plan for some stuff for Z to do, I didn’t get around to doing it with him as baby Y had his injection and so we had to rush out to that. Z has come down with another cold (he only had one a few weeks ago and so is just quite content playing around with his cars and toy sword and gun). Strangely, with Z being ill today he has actually been easier. The last few weeks have been so hard with him. He is so different to his sister. Its been Tantrum Central over here with on average 6-7 serious tantrums per day. I’ve been told he’ll grow out of it. But it seems to be getting worse. R didn’t have any tantrums when she was his age, so this is very VERY different for me. I just hope that I can deal with HE and his very different character at the same time! Anyway, it is now  5pm and everything on today’s checklist has been completed and R is over the moon that ‘school’ has started again. lol

How has your first day gone?

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  1. in all the craziness of getting ready for ramadan and then for eid unfortunately i totally forgot to prepare for my HE, i think i’m going to carry on with project based work with my children something that i have done right from the beginning, now i just have to gather all the info for our next project on continenets

    • Lol, that’s why I sorted all HE planning before Ramadan. Do share your continents project as we’re going to be working on this shortly too inshaAllah. X

  2. Assalamo alaikum, Nice to see you back mashaAllah.

    I know all about the tantrums, my dd3 is exactly the same! If you feel concerned/need help there is a behaviour clinic for pre-schoolers(!!!) that deals with such things/gives support/techniques etc so ask GP/health visitor for referral.


    • Ws wr wb how are you sis? I am seriously going to check that out because its getting very hard. Jzk for that. Not that I would want others to have a tantrum child but it does feel better to know that I’m not the only one! Xx

  3. Assalamu alikum
    my dear, we met on Sunday in East London. Yes I know very well what ur talking about. And I have 2 of them at the same time. Now u understand why I leave them home with their Abi :)))
    They fight most of the time, about toys, who is sitting where, who is eating first. And if they dont get there way they get some tantrums.
    Boys will be boys
    inschAllah they outgrow it.

  4. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Masha Allaah great to see you back to normal! Missed reading your posts sis. Glad to know you all had a wonderful Eid! Oh masha Allaah R has grown and looks like a little lady now!

    Talk about tantrum! Well my daughter too is having a few these days, which I feel is due our attitude towards her or Allaahu A’lam. The problem with her is she gets very upset if we suddenly tell her not to do something, then she throws a tantrum. But I understand how difficult it is to deal with, looking back most of the time I feel tantrums come when our moods are out . May Allaah give us the patience and guide us to deal these things, Aameen.

    We will be starting our activities Insha Allaah hopefully next week.

    Have a great HE sis!

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sis. I really think that some children have very different personalities. I can see that Z is v different to R and I’m beginning to realise that my appoach as a mother is going to have to be v different with him. Have a fab HE too sis. X

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