we’ve been adjusting back to our routine. Alhamdulillah the routine is going well. I just get really annoyed when I have to go out unexpectedly which disrupts our day. This week I’ve been to the garage twice to drop off and pick up the car. This has really disrupted our home ed and I can see the difference when we’re at home when we need to be.

At the weekend, we spent a lovely day in Dunstable Downs. We were there last year and we couldn’t wait until this year. The weather was just beautiful mashaAllah and I think I bumped into about 7 home edding sisters that I know! MashAllah. There were lots of activities this year. R painted a flower pot, made an Islamic calligraphy Eid Mubarak sign in Arabic and made a clay tile with an Islamic pattern on it.

As for home ed this week, aside from all the other regular subjects, we have been continuing with our Surah Nas study from the Quran Curriculum that I have planned for R.

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So, we discussed the meanings and lessons from surah nas and talked at length about shaytaan and completed a unit on Shaytaan. Now we are working on ‘mankind’. R is learning about the different continents. She learnt what continents are, which is the largest etc and spent a lot of time finding countries in different continents. She then started a book about continents, countries within each continent and animals that reside in that particular continents. R has started disliking drawing and the book asks the child to draw animals. So instead she is cutting out the pictures of the animals from magazines and printing them out from the internet and sticking them onto the pages of her Continents book. Whilst she was doing this we talked about how big the world is and that Allah (Swt) is the King and God of everyone and everything and that He can see everything that we do and hear everything that everyone says. When I told her that Allah (Swt) knows what we will think before we think it, her response was “Wow. SubhanAllah Allah is really amazing Ummi!” 🙂 She really couldn’t believe it! lol

I’ve decided that once a surah project in our Quran curriculum is complete, I will write a detailed post on what we did in what order and will post any links, resources, books or PDFs so that you can do the project with your children if you so wish. I will add a link to each surah project in the categories bar on the right hand side of the blog once each one is finished for easy reference inshaAllah.


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    • Ws wr wb

      I use various resources. As soon as I finish surah nas I will inshaAllah be posting a post on it on the blog including all links, resources, files for you to download etc inshaAllah. x

  1. Salaams sis, can’t wait for your detailed post…I just can’t seem to find the time to plan anything properly for my brood lately…we seem to spend so much time running to and from ‘other things’ such as madressah, swimming, gymnastics, scouts etc for each of them.

    JazakAllahu khair for sharing your lovely ideas, we are truly blessed to have you mashaAllah.

    Wassalaam xXx

  2. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    May ALLAH make things easy in all that you do, AMEEN.

    MashaALLAH your Qur’an curriculum sounds so good!
    JazakILLAH Khairin for your efforts 🙂

    • Ws wr wb

      Hope you’ll find it beneficial. Its probably the one you are thinking about. I think it was a freebie I got from somewhere!

  3. Alsalamu Aliekum Sis,

    So impressed, as usual, MashaAllah!! Can’t wait to see more of your QC and to try it out as well!

    Do you just google search for lapbooks and printouts on topics, ie butterflies? Or do you have specific sites that you go to?

    Jazakum Allah khier! May Allah give you the strength to keep up the great work!

    • Ws wr wb

      I use a mixture of stuff. If you go to the planning category I wrote some posts about how I planned for this year incl how I planned for the quran curriculum . Hope that helps inshaAllah x

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