Smart Ark Review #2


Most of you will remember a review I did for 

We love their products mashaAllah and the sister who runs smart ark is just so lovely and sweet mashaAllah. I met her at an Eid festival again in East London and she had a few new products which I am reviewing here inshaAllah.

The first is a new set of Arabic Words Flash cards. Okay, so there are so many sets of flashcards out there right? So why would you need any new ones. Well in my opinion, smart ark resources are of a quality that really does beat the rest mashaAllah. These Arabic cards are divided into five colour coded categories which include vehicles, places, nature, clothes and food. Each card has a picture, the name in English, the name in Arabic and the transliteration. I know Z is going to love these (haven’t shown him them yet!)

Next on the list are two posters for children to colour in. So, rather than buying a colour poster, any child who loves colouring in can colour this poster which is the size of 4 A4 sheets (what size is that? A2?) One is ‘Islamic Gardens’:


The other is ‘Inside the Masjid’. What is great about these posters is that they can be displayed on the wall once they have been finished – no faces or creatures. And again the designs are just beautiful mashaAllah.

Do check out their website. I have to say the card making kit and journal are still our favourites mashaAllah. To read my previous review, click here:


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