An Honest Day!


I saw another homeschooling blogger do this and I thought I would have a shot (more for myself so as to see how I use my time).

Basically took a piece of paper and recorded everything I did in one day! Here we go:

  • Fajr and adhkar
  • Made beds
  • Had breakfast with kids
  • Brushed kids teeth and washed up/Did my own
  • Breast fed baby Y
  • Washed dishes
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Put something on for kids to watch on the internet
  • R worked on her treasure map which she started yesterday

As part of our work on surah naas. We have been working on 'mankind'. So, we have been learning about continents and maps. Here R drew a map which will lead to some treasure. She then ripped the edges. I made myself a cup of tea. She then dragged the used tea bag over her map. The crumpled the map into a ball and left it to dry overnight.


  • I finalised my weekly shopping list
  • Hoovered and mopped the house
  • Dressed the kids
  • Put Y down for his nap
  • Called the garage which was fixing our car
  • Called the dentist to book an appointment for R and myself
  • Z was playing
  • Shouted at R to leave Z alone as he was playing quietly and nicely before she interrupted his play!
  • Paid a bill online
  • Shouted at Z who was having a tantrum
  • Brushed R’s hair
  • R did her handwriting – she’s very excited that she’s working on joined up writing. I find that her handwriting hsa become a lot neater since she’s been joining up.
  • I read Z 3 books
  • Z went off to play
  • Marked R’s handwriting
  • Worked on a dawah article for non-muslim women
  • Read more books to Z
  • Replied to some emails
  • Went around the house and put toys back in boxes and did a quick tidy up
  • Y woke up
  • Changed Y’s nappy and breastfed him
  • Put kids shoes on and waited for husband to come home from work to take us to pick up the car
  • Did R’s Quran whilst in the car
  • Picked up the car from the garage
  • Screamed at Z for getting out of his car seat and standing up!
  • Ate lunch in the car
  • Husband went back to work
  • Went to do the weekly shopping
  • Shouted at Z in the supermarket for a) taking his brother’s socks off and throwing them on the floor b) for pinching his brother’s feet and c) for standing up in the trolley child seat trying to reach for stuff on the shelves!
  • Got home and prayed dhur
  • Breastfed Y
  • Put Z down for his nap
  • R did her comprehension
  • Changed Y’s nappy
  • Put Y down for his nap
  • Put the shopping away
  • I read some Quran
  • Worked on the dawah article I started earlier
  • R did her MEP maths
  • R then made a Math train

R used addition and subtraction to make this 'train'. I left her to it and then checked once she had finished. She basically had a pile of numbers and some + and - signs and just had to carry on.

  • I told R the hadith of Jibraeel (AS) and she made a Pillars of the Deen poster and pyramid from learning roots.

  • R read two books to herself
  • Carried on with the dawah article
  • Y woke up
  • Breastfed Y
  • Prayed Asr and adhkar
  • Read a chapter from The Cat Who Wanted to go Home to R (she loves this book. We’ve read it twice now)

  • R read a chapter to me from the same book
  • Z woke up in a bad mood and screamed for 20 minutes
  • Got dinner ready
  • R drew two identical pictures
  • When Z calmed down, R and Z played by running all over the house, jumping and screaming. Baby Y was laughing at them
  • Continued with the dawah article – finally finished it and sent it to the brother who is running the campaign.
  • Prayed Maghrib
  • Husband came back from work
  • We ate dinner
  • Brushed kids teeth and put them in their pajamas
  • Put baby Y to sleep
  • Worked on some other dawah stuff
  • Prepared tomorrow’s home ed
  • Cleaned the table
  • Kids built a tent and played
  • Continued with dawah stuff
  • It was 9pm when R took the treasure map she had made and her father had to find the treasure following her map (I actually wanted her to be in bed long before but then she cried as she had been excited since morning for her father to follow her map!)

R's Abi following the map


R made a treasure box in the morning from a recycled tissue box and she put her Abi's 'treasure': his beloved pumpkin seeds!

  • I tidied up
  • Checked emails and replied to text messages
  • Looked over Year 1 MEP and made notes of what subjects are missing from there which I need to find resources for (this is in case R has to go back to school at one point) I want her to be up to date as per the national curriculum as well.
  • Prayed esha
  • Went to bed

What have I learnt? Need to seriously make dua to have more sabr with Z and really work on my anger management!

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  1. Mashallah! Inshallah one day I’ll be able to be as organized as you! I’ve just started homeschooling my oldest who is 4 and I have 2 younger ones to deal with throughout the day so most days are pretty chaotic.

  2. MashaAllah, good idea. you get through so much with the kids AND do your own stuff too. May Allah swt reward you abundantly in this life and the Hereafter.


  3. Masha Allaah great my dear sis! Learnt so much from you with regard to organizing myself and a whole lot more to learn too! So far it has helped me in many many ways in Home schooling my daughter, masha Allaah! Jazzakillaah Khayr for inspiration and sharing! May Allaah reward you with the best in this world and the aakhirah and make your kids the coolness of your eyes and a source of good for you in both worlds. Aameen!

    • Am glad the blog has been of some benefit. Your home ed reminds me very much of my own when I only had R. May Allah make the journey a good one for you and your family. Ameen. And ameen to your duas. xx

  4. MashaAllah sis. You are doing an excellent work. May Allah make you better than what I think of you, Ameen. Sis, do you always start your day, straight after Fajr? If yes, how do you cope on days where Fajr starts around 4 plus? I would really like to start my day early, as I know the blessing of time in the morning. But, i get so exhausted in the evenings!

    • In the winter I do aim to, but at the moment because I have a new baby it really does depend on how many times I woke up at night to feed him. If its a good night, then I try to stay up as there is much more baraka at that time. If he woke up 6 times (lol), then there is no way you will find me staying up after fajr lol And in the summer when fajr is early – then no I don’t stay up. Tried to but it was too difficult.

      Oh, and do you know what helps me stay up after fajr? Praying esha and going to sleep early!

  5. Asalamum alaikum sister,

    Your post made/makes me feel a lot better. I’m not the only one to… eat in the car, lose my cool with my youngest, run around all day and do tons of things (although unlike you I can’t remember most, if any, of them by the time I go to bed).
    BTW, how do you deal with the seat belt situation. My youngest got a bad habit of unbuckling her seat belt whilst in her car seat ( as well as her unbuckling sister’s seat belt ). I keep on stopping the car, putting it back on. All people see me do is turn round, lift my derriere and fuss in the backseat. No kidding, yesterday I had to put it back 7 times … and the journey to school is only 15 minutes. I don’t know what to do anymore, it’s just a game to her.
    Anyway, Jezakallah khair for this post. Very informative.

    • Ws wr wb

      Z didn’t actually take his car seat belt off. He managed to wiggle and stand up on his car seat whilst it was still clipped on! lol Your comment made me laugh! May Allah help us all! Ameen.

  6. Masha’Allah….your day sounds similar to mine. 🙂 Great to read your blog, as always. And boys, well, I have started shouting more since my son was born too. May Allah guide us all.
    Barak Allahu feekum.
    I started homeschooling my children aged 5 and 3 since July this year. Alhamdulillah, your blog was a major inspiration throughout the 2 years that I was researching homeschooling.
    Our city Karachi in Pakistan, has a growing number of homeschooling families by now too.

  7. Masha’Allah sister, May Allah (swt) reward you for you effort. This has encouraged me to be more organised with my time.

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