Children’s Coffee Shop


Normally every Thursday we attend the Muslim home ed group in East London. It has been running nearing two years now alhamdulillah. And I can honestly say that I don’t think we could home ed without it. Most of R’s friends attend the group and she really has formed some lovely friendships mashaAllah. And its not just the kids, its the sisters too. Its as though we are one big family.

Unfortunately, this Thursday we were unable to attend because of the Children’s Coffee Shop! Let me explain:

A sister who is also home educating who lives about 5 minutes away from me (didn’t know how close she lived lol) rounded up the sisters in South London who are home educating. She told us about a coffee shop that the children will run which is going to take place next Friday.

Thursday was the first meeting for the children. I think there were roughly maybe 20 home educated children there of different ages. The boys and girls were split into separate groups.

Basically, the children were given pens and paper and had to start planning! They would be running everything in the coffee shop from designing menus, cooking, cash flow, uniform, presentation etc. The coffee shop will be taking place in the sister’s house next Friday inshaAllah and the mothers will be the customers. The boys were in charge of healthy desserts and drinks. The girls were in charge of main courses and side orders. Everything will be priced and at the end of the day, the children will total up the profit they made minus expenses etc and then 20% will go to sadaqa and the rest will be divided equally between them.

Now, I did give R the choice to either go to the home ed group on Thursday or to attend this. And she chose this straight away. And I’m glad we went as so many different subjects are incorporated into this: team work, planning, ICT and arts and crafts for the menus, math, adab, cooking etc.

R has chosen to make a pasta dish and Brushetta. And she is soooo excited! She can’t wait! lol There are going to be roughly 10-15 adults and about 40 or so children who will be attending the coffee shop.

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It really was very nice to see all these home educated children and all but 2 from South London get together and plan something like this. May Allah (Swt) bless the sister who has organised this. I think I will be taking this idea to the home ed group on Thursday. Perhaps we could do it there too inshaAllah. Anyway, will post something about how the coffee shop went after Friday inshaAllah.


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  1. As-salaamu’alaykum sis,
    You have an awesome blog! Tabarak’Allah.
    This is such a brilliant idea, insha’Allah I’d like to try something similar… even if it’s at a smaller scale.
    Thanks for sharing.

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