There really does seem to be an influx of sisters joining the home ed bandwagon! lol

I was just commenting to Umm Rashid last night that I am activating something like 4-5 new accounts on the IHSAN forum per day! And aside from that, I have been receiving a lot of emails from sisters in South London who are interested in home ed. Want to removed their kids from school or who want to start out! Amazing alhamdulillah.

Today, I spent a few hours with a lovely sister who lives about 25 minutes away who took her daughter out of an Islamic school and has started home educating. R and her daughter have formed a lovely little friendship. The sister’s sister was also there and is also considering home ed for her kids. And another three sisters have contacted me asking me about home ed. All of these sister’s kids go to/went to an Islamic School in our area! What is going on???

Anyway, have decided to host a Home Ed Open Day at my place for all these sisters and a few others as there seems to be a sudden demand to know about home education. Am more than happy to talk about home ed. Just wondering why there is a sudden interest about home ed and why so many sisters are removing their kids from school!


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  1. SubhaanAllah, I’m noticing the same thing myself, we may have at least seven new families coming to our meeting this week, mashaa Allah. Home ed seems to be on the increase.

  2. Ma shaAllah, what a blessing it is to be surrounded by so many muslim homeschoolers.
    We will also begin next year inshaAllah, after many years of thinking and researching, I am excited at the possibilities. I am waiting for my eldest daughter to finish her final term in grade one (our school year begins in February). I also have a five year old and three year old, alhamdullilah. We DO NOT have a large number of muslim homeschoolers around our here, however I am grateful for the two sisters I do know, Alhamdullilah.
    May Allah bless all our efforts and give all the sisters success ameen.
    Take care,

    • Alhamdulillah you have those two sisters! Make the most of them inshaAllah and may Allah make your HE journey successful and bless it with much baraka. Ameen. 🙂

  3. As salaam alaikum sisters,

    My son has special needs so homeschooling is definitely something I am looking into. I cannot bear the thought of him being bullied in mainstream and I feel I could give him a more fulfilling education from home rather than a special needs environment. Masha Allah sis, I love reading your posts. Jazakillah khayrun xx

    Take care

    Salaam alaikum

  4. mashaAllaah, it must be so lovely to have homeschooling support groups, it must be great in so many ways…the sharing of ideas, resources and support for the umm’s and making good friends for the kids alhamdulillah. Here in South Africa, there are only kaafir homeschooling groups-none that are muslim as far as I know… i did think of setting one up but dont know any homeschoolers in my area. may Allaah bless all homeschooling families with all of the best in every aspect of their lives. Aameen

  5. SubhanAllah, I had noticed the same trend as well. I’m just grateful that there are so many wonderful resources and knowledgeable individuals out there now to help newbies like myself who just recently jumped on the bandwagon 🙂 !

  6. assalamu alaikum home edders, just read this post and comments and as a parent that is currently sending 2 of my girls to an ‘islamic school’ may be i can explain why so many people ae now considering home educating. i was home educating my oldest until recpetion and felt under pressure from family hubby and friends to send her to ‘school’. i resisted as best i could but couldn’t get hubby to change his mind. 7 years on and he is now the one pushing to home educate! for me the school facilities are great, teachers are practising and mashallah have good adhab. for me the biggest no no has been the kids. as it is an all girls they are terrible. they backbite, bully, watch and are influenced by haram people and pop stars and especially about relationships and s*x education. my oldest is a leader and mashallah we have a very open and trusting relationship and i am able to counteract any issues that arise. my younger one is very trusting and easily influenced and i am not happy at the friends she has. i am so disappointed that it has been the negative issues in the informal teaching that has made my husband see what has happened to our children, the love and respect we received from them has given way to attitude and talking back and justgeneral unappreciativeness. inshallah this changes as we take the steps to claw back the innocence and the love they have.

    • SubhanAllah! Thanks for sharing this with us. Its situations like these that makes me feel so grateful that I am able to home educate. Alhamdulillah.

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