Can you please help or forward?


Assalamu Alaikum

Please read the email below which I sent out to all my contacts. I would be really grateful if you could either fill out the forms yourself or copy and paste this message and forward it on to your contacts.

May Allah reward you. Ameen.

Jzk, Wsm

Umm Raiyaan

Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
I pray this meets you in good heath and strong emaan. Ameen.A new and exciting opportunity has emerged and I am looking for special contributions from brothers and sisters who wish to be a part of a new dawah project. iERA is an organisation that was set up by a small group of brothers including Brother Abdur Raheem Green. It is an organisation which aims to deliver the message of Islam to the non-muslim community. There are many organisations which have taken on this role. However, what makes iERA different to the rest is their fresh and unique approach in calling people to Islam. Instead of pages and pages of information on various subjects within Islam, iERA aims to capture the non-muslim’s heart, mind and soul using different methods and techniques. One of these techniques is a fresh and innovative website which has the potential to reach millions of non-muslims worldwide.
My name is Umm Raiyaan and I feel honoured to be a part of this project. I am the editor of this new website and feel very excited about this wonderful opportunity to engage in dawah on a very different and very unique level.
I am currently looking for brothers and sisters from various age groups, nationalities, occupations from all corners of the globe to participate and contribute to this new endeavour.
What I am looking for is:
1. Brothers and sisters from all walks of life to contribute to a section of the website that will be updated like a blog. It will document the different lives and experiences of different Muslims. This area of the website will aim to highlight to non-muslims how Islam impacts the lives of its followers. If you are interested in making a significant contribution towards the dawah, please fill out the following form: This section is open to brothers and sisters, reverts and born Muslims. We are looking for contributions which are positive and engaging to the non-muslim reader.
2. I am also looking for revert brothers and sisters from various backgrounds to write short testimonies as to why embracing Islam is the best decision they have made and how it has changed their life for the better. I am looking for brief, high impact paragraphs to describe why and how it felt to become a Muslim. Here is the form:
Not only is this a great opportunity to express your feelings as a Muslim or revert, but it is an opportunity to gain sadaqa jaariya – reward that one will continue to receive after they have left this world. In addition, the Prophet (Saw) said: “Whoever calls to guidance will receive the same reward as the one who follows him without any decrease in the reward of [his follower].” Sahih Muslim It is my hope that you and I will receive the reward of a new revert’s fasting, prayer and good deeds through this project.
If you would like to contribute, please fill in the above forms. If you have any queries, please email me at (please note that this email is different to my personal email address Please only reply to the onereason email)
I look forward to working with you on this very important and much needed project. Please kindly forward this email to your contacts from all over the world.
Wasalaamu alaikum
Umm Raiyaan


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