Coffee Shop


Yesterday, the much awaited Coffee Shop took place.

Oh my gosh! Was it stressful getting our food ready! lol

R was really excited to make her dishes. And she has told me that she wants to do more cooking and not just baking! Oh dear…

A day before the coffee shop took place R did her first bit of ICT! She knows how to use the internet, play educational games online or via a CD rom, switch on the computer, type etc but we have never done any formal ICT. So, this was a real first. She designed the menu and her name badge for the coffee shop.

She really enjoyed experimenting with fonts, colours, size and pictures.

And on Friday morning, we started cooking our dishes which were Bruschetta and Chicken pasta. Now, the night before I posted a post which a lot of you seemed to really benefit from: ‘Shouting’. May Allah reward the sister who wrote it. Ameen.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my morning shouting out of pure stress. And I felt sooo bad once we were finally in the car with our dishes. But I apologised to R and Z and really told myself that I seriously need to implement that sister’s advice. Even though I had the intention to do so, my own stress and weakness got the better of me. It is so hard to change isn’t it?!

Right, here are some pics of our dishes (I thought we would go for the Italian side of me and cook Italian):

Ingredients for the tomato part of the sauce for the pasta.

R opening a can of tomatoes lol

R cooking the tomato sauce

Ingredients for the chicken part of the pasta dish.

R cooking the chicken. She wanted to wash the chicken and I said no because of salmonella etc. And so we had an interesting discussion about food hygiene and food poisoning!

Forgot to take a pic of the ingredients for the Bruschetta. But here is R putting the garlic and olive oil onto the ciabatta.

R putting the finishing touches to the Bruschetta by putting some cheese. You are meant to use mozarella but I realised that that was the one ingredient I forgot. So we had to settle for grated cheese.

Alhamdulillah, when we arrived at the sister’s house, everything was superbly organised mashaAllah. Whilst the kids were briefed about the running of the day, the mothers took their seats on the floor around large rolled out piece of paper which were our tables which were lettered for the waiters.

The girls went first. We were given our menus (each child made a menu at home). Our orders were taken by the girls and our food was brought to us. I must say it was very nice for us mothers to be pampered like this. lol

Here was one of the girl's order forms.

I promised R that I would order the food she made, so I ordered pasta, bruschetta, vol au vents Tuna (S, I still think that is still posh if you’re reading this! lol), kubba, faata’r (iraqi starters).

Then the boys went next and we were given our drinks and desserts menu. I ate some lovely chocolate cupcakes and strawberry milkshake. The kids were so busy in the kitchen mashaAllah. Once us mothers had finished, we had to leave the house for another group of mothers and children who go to school who were customers also. So, I left R there and then came back to collect her at 6pm. The money was totalled and the kids made over £200 mashaAllah. Expenses were deducted. 20% was given to charities: and

And then the remainder was distributed amongst the 20 children. They each got £9.40 each! Not bad for an afternoon’s work lol

I am thinking of doing this at our home ed group on a Thursday as we have use of the kitchen mashaAllah, but seeing how much work was involved I’m not quite sure now! May Allah reward the sister greatly for organising this. Ameen. The kids really enjoyed it mashaAllah. What was really nice was seeing children from the ages of 12 (I think) to 4 all participate in this together mashaAllah.


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  1. Assalaamu Alaikum!

    Oh masha Allaah wonderful. I wish we were living around your area : )

    I can see how much the kids would have learnt. Hope you will have great fun in the future organizing such event Insha Allaah! Keep us posted too.

  2. As salaam alaikum, I am in constant amazement how deciated the Muslims in your area are to HE. Insha allah, may Allah allow your group to motivate Muslims around the world. Ameen.

  3. Jazakallah khair for sharing such a terrific idea. Ilive all the way ‘down under’ and our homeschool group will definitely get onto doing something like this INSHALLAH. Also, thankyou for your honesty and openness in sharing how you sometimes feel or deal with homeschooling! Makes me feel like I’m not the only one who struggles with my patience at times! x

    • Wa iyaki sister! All of us go through ups and downs as home edders. I think sometimes there are home ed blogs out there that really paint such a pretty perfect picture when really the reality is somewhat different. We have our up days and we have our down! But the important thing is to keep beseeching Allah for help.

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