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I rarely talk about baby Y on here. He is currently just over 7.5 months old mashaAllah and today he looked at me and said “Mama”. I couldn’t believe it!! Wasn’t expecting that at all. I thought that maybe it was a mumble. But then a few hours later he looked at me again and said “Mama!”

Anyway, excitement aside (you would think I wouldn’t get excited about something like this as he is my third child but I always get excited at their first words! lol)

R stopped going to the Quran class run by one of my husband’s friends and instead I prayed and prayed for a new tutor. Although my husband is a Quran teacher and haafidh mashaAllah, he just doesn’t have the time anymore to teach her hifdh or tajweed. I think this is the problem for many families here in the UK. Working to provide FOR the family means that a man can’t spend as much time with his children and teaching them priceless things like Quran. It really makes me very sad that he cannot pass on the gift of Quran that Allah gave him to his children. Maybe things will change but right now he’s just too exhausted. But kheir, this is the will of Allah. So, instead I prayed and prayed for a solution and after asking a sister for someone that she might know, Allah brought us a gem! A wonderful sister who became a haafidha at the age of 16. She told me that she made an individual conscious decision to memorise Quran at this age and literally did nothing except Quran for two years mashaAllah.

She is a wonderful teacher and R really likes her a lot. The added bonus is that she speaks Arabic mashaAllah and so I often find R completely engrossed as her teacher narrates a story in Arabic from the ayat R is memorising to aid R’s hifdh. So, kind of an Arabic lesson too! 

So, the teacher has started R’s reading off by making her read from surah baqarah. And then they do some revision of stuff she has already memorised and then they work on her hifdh. Aside from her lessons with the sister, I still listen to her reading, she revises a certain amount of surahs and goes over her hifdh every day.

I am so happy that Allah has brought her our way as I was getting worried as my tajweed is DEFINITELY not good enough for me to teach her new hifdh. I can test her on surahs she has already memorised but I don’t want her to pick up my mistakes. Although R was working on her hifdh using the computer it was taking her three times as long to memorise a few ayat then it does when she learns it from her father or a teacher.

I’m really thinking about hifdh a lot at the moment. As most parents, we really want our children to become haafidh. R also wants this. She keeps telling me she wants to be like her father mashaAllah. But speaking to the sister and also my husband, if we really are going to go for this, then it might mean focussing on Quran for a couple of years and putting eveything on the backburner. That would mean no project work, very minimal English, math. Both the sister and my husband said it would be Quran practically all day every day for at least two years. I know another sister whose daughter memorised the Quran just a little older than R. But I’m not sure at the moment. But it is a thought…


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  1. Masha Allaah! How sweet baby Y! May Allaah bless him! Alhamdulillaah am so glad that you got a sister masha Allaah for Qu’raan. I really wish I get one here too soon! I understand your concerns sis with regard to stopping everything and doing only Qur’aan. My daughter too masha Allaah memorizes soorahs fast and I hope she would become a haafidhah one day but I just do not want to force it on her Allaahu ‘Alam. I am having an attitude of memorize as much as she can and is able to Insha Allaah. May be as she gets older I might have different thoughts : ) Am so happy for R that she has got a good teacher masha Allaah.

    • Ameen sis. Seriously sis, I have been looking for a long time. I really think it was down to dua. Make sincere dua and Allah will surely bring someone your way inshaAllah. The thing is, I don’t want to force it on R either. She actually wants to become a haafidha mashaAllah. As her parents, we just don’t know whether it would be good for her to focus on it now which will inshaAllah benefit her in the long run or to do it slowly.

  2. Masha Allaah indeed Allaah is the giver and will continue my duas sis. I understand how eager they are to memorize the Qur’aan as they get there. I see it in my 3 year old and I can imagine how much R would want to do it and I understand your concerns too, may Allaah guide you towards it and may be make Isthikaarah and consult the believers and take a good decision Insha Allaah sis. May Allaah make it successful for all of you! Aameen

  3. Assaalmu alaykum sis,

    If R wants to do it I say go for it! There is no better time to take a couple of years out – as long as she can read and write, she has the basics. It is much more difficult to take time out when children are older but at such a young age children can catch up with other studies. Once she has become a haafidha, inshaAllah, you can step up the academics again.

    May Allah make it easy for you both and may He grant all your children the ability to excel with both Quran and their studies.

    • Ws wr wb

      Jzk sis. Thats what I’m thinking. If we were to take a couple of years out for hifdh I think this age whilst she is young is maybe the perfect time as there are still many more years where she can catch up. Ameen to your duas. x

  4. I regularly follow your blog for ideas, and must say you are very blessed to find a good quran teacher. I have been in Jeddah for 6 months now and cannot find a quran teacher/ school for my kids. The good schools are mostly full and yesterday I got rejected from a very famous quran skl in jeddah because my kids cannot speak Arabic. We r in the home of Islam and yet the kids r losing out on their Quran. I truly think that the gift of Quran is only given to the truly deserving ones, may Allah make us all one of those.

  5. MashAllah!!!
    May Allah Subhanawataalaa make it easy for her and may He reward her and you abundantly for the great efforts, ameen.
    I love reading what you’re up to and I’m always so amazed by what you do. Keep up with it and you’re in my duah
    Waleyki salaaam

    • Ws wr wb

      It is, alhamdulillah. I’m glad someone who is on her 7th child mashaAllah tabarakAllah also thinks its special. I was beginning to feel a little silly getting excited about my 3rd child saying Mama. But it is special alhamdulillah.

  6. Assalamu alaykum wr wb
    my dear sister
    Kids are so special, so precious, enjoy every moment of everything.

    R, masha’Allah, if I were in your position I would take the opportunity for her to mem Qur’an.
    I always remember something; when we are in our graves ( may Allah S be merciful with us, ameen) The Qur’an will come as a beautiful companion for us.
    Try to look up other Hadith regarding this subject, may Allah S guide you and make it easy for you, ameen.

    It may also give you more time to spend with Z and maybe he will take a similar path to his sister insha’Allah.

    May Allah S bless you and your loved ones with the best of this life and the next, ameen.

    • Thats what I’m thinking sis. What would benefit me and her in our graves – that she could read and write and multiply and divide or that she memorised, acted upon and taught the Quran.

  7. Salaam sister, i also have a baby boy just over 7 months and he’s first words afew days were Ab’ba, so now every time i say ummi or mamma he goes on saying Ab’ba Ab’ba Ab’ba, i think he is teasing me. lol. Insha’allah mine is young at the moment and i do intend to home school him in the future so I try and keep upto date with your blog to have some ideas on how to go on about it, oh by the way just noticed there are two umm Ibraheems just to let you know I’m Adeeba so not to confuse you with the other sister. xxx

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