Pillars of Islam Craft

 This week we have been off our formal schedule. I did plan for R to do Arabic, Quran and art. But it seems that we just didn’t have time for Arabic. Alhamdulillah, on Sunday I held an Home Ed open day at my house and there were ten sisters from South London. It went well I think and yesterday I spent the morning in a sister’s house who is inshaAllah going to take her kids out of school and home ed them. As she was saying, in some areas of South London, if one mentions home ed, sisters look at you as though you have apostated!!

In the last 6 weeks, R learnt about the five pillars of Islam and she completed a few activities/games based on that. On the IHSAN forum, I saw a wonderful craft in 2009 that was made by a sister. She posted a lovely picture of it and I knew that I had to do it with R when we started learning more about the five pillars. So, we made our own version of the craft. May Allah reward the sister who made it as R really enjoyed making it. She spent a little time each day this week making it. Here are some pictures and description:

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  1. Salaam alaikum Uhkteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! JAZAKALLAH habibti for telling us all about the ALIF arabic program… My ds was one of the 70 applicants selected to do the program for free for 6 months mashaAllah…. Allah reward you for each letter he learns, each word he writes, and each letter in Quran he reads. Wallahi uhkti, if you didnt tell us about it, I wouldnt of known, and I wouldnt have applied Allahu alem. I wrote how I want him to learn Quran and so fourth…. I put alot of passion in the email mashaAllah LOL. Again uhktee, jazakAllah khair habibti :):):):):):):):):) @;-

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