Changing Education Paradigms


Assalamu Alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu
This is just absolutely brilliant. I would really recommend that everyone watches this short video about education. Its why I and many others home educate!!
Wasalamuu alaikum
Umm Raiyaan xx

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  1. Salaams all,
    Wow! He took the words (and pictures – i love pictures) right out of my mouth. This is just the thing that I needed to explain how I feel about ‘institutional’ education. After reading the 7habits books, and reading the John Gatto articles you linked to, its just so refreshing to know that it’s not just us ‘snooty’ practising muslims that see these educational systems as under providing for our children (cos a lot of these authors are practising christians). The institutions are focus more on teaching (dictation I think) rather than children really learning. Allah tells us to ponder over His signs – there is so much to learn but they restrict children so much at school.

  2. I didnt mean that we muslims are snooty, but that some people think that we muslims are continually finding ways of marginalising ourselves – one of them being to opt out of the education system

  3. assalam alikoum sisters;
    well I have been thinking about home ed for a while now,I do not know where to start or how will I do it .I have been in the Uk for 7 years now and I still do not know much about the system(not only the educational one).I had a conversation this morning about home ed with other sisters at my daughter’s school;I am really concerned about the future.I was thinking if someone of you who are homeed can volunteer and give me advice and to other sisters as well,things like how to start,how to do things or just encouragement for the sake of allah
    hope that you could help
    جزاكم الله خيرا

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