I’m one year older today (10 weird things about me!)


Whenever my ‘birthday’ pops up each year I seem to remember the mercy of Allah (Swt) in guiding me to Islam. Before I became a Muslim, we used to celebrate birthdays – there would be cake, presents etc. Obviously since embracing Islam, I no longer celebrate birthdays. I seem to remember death a lot more on my birth day. A year older. What have I done since the previous year? What have I achieved? Where am I heading? Time really does fly by doesn’t it.

Anyway, I saw this on another home edding mother’s blog who shares the same birth day as me and I thought I would tell you ten things about me that you don’t know (lol). Right, here goes (in no random order):

1. There was a rumour in my family that we were related to Al Pacino (Hollywood movie star). When I was about 10 years old, my mother wrote to his fan club with a diagram of the family tree from Sicily. She didn’t hear anything for at least a year. And then one day, the phone rang and I picked up. There was an American voice on the other line. He asked to speak to ‘Giuseppina’ which is my mother’s Italian name. No one ever calls her that except her family – everyone knows her as Jossy. I asked who it was and he said Mr Pacino. I screamed and passed the phone to my Mum. It wasn’t Mr Al Pacino himself but it was his father who was calling to say that the letter had been passed on to him and that they followed it up and yes it was true. Basically, my grandmother (my mother’s mum) is first cousins with Al Pacino’s dad. Initially we thought maybe it was someone at the fan club playing with us. But his father wrote a letter confirming everything including details that only a family member would know which my mother than framed! Before Islam, I used to go around telling a lot of people this but now it doesn’t seem to have the same ‘glitz and glamour’ lol. But thought I’d tell you something you didn’t know.

2. When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lawyer, and then a writer and then a teacher.

3. When I was 13, I cycled on the motorway from a small village in France to the main city centre on my own without my uncle’s knowledge! I had to hitchhike back because I got lost! Couldn’t understand why cars were beeping me along the three hour journey!

4. My grandfather on my Nigerian side (my Dad’s dad) was a Muslim and completed his hajj mashaAllah. He had three wives and when he died (before I was born) the whole family became Christian. Audhu billah! SubhanaAllah, Allah guided me – his granddaughter to Islam even though the whole family apostated.

5. I love stationery and would love to open my own stationery shop one day.

6. When I was a baby, we were visiting family friends. One of the children put me onto the top part of a bunk bed. I fell off and bust my lip which is why I have a scar on my lip incase anyone who has seen me was wondering!

7. I don’t think I will ever get over my love for chocolate and sweets (the big kid that I am)!

8. I promised myself never to marry an Algerian (lol). Why? Because I had a few Algerian friends before Islam and ‘knew what they were like’. Of course they were not practising. But when I had a marriage meeting with my husband…well here we are 3 kids later!

9. I would love to become a midwife one day.

10. I am not a lover of animals. In fact most animals scare me. I’ve been like this since a child. The only animal which I came to love was our dear beloved Sulhafaat (Algerian tortoise) who (for those who have been following the blog) died around a year ago.

And thats the end of the weird and wonderful things about me! lol


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  1. Assalamu alaykum wrw wb

    Jazzakhallah my dear sister, you are wonderful, masha’Allah!!
    I pray that you are able to forfill your dreams, may Allah S giude you and bless you in everything you do, ameen.
    I really enjoy your blog, there’s always a surprise around the corner!!
    take care love u 4 Allah

  2. assalamu alaikum sister,

    I’ve funny (and wonderful) and different we all are.
    By the way, now I understand why you want to teach French handwriting to your kids. I did not get it at the time (of your post)!!

  3. As salaamu alaykum Umm Raiyaan.

    Maa shaa Allaah, it’s nice to feel like a child at times and just write out your true feelings. It even makes you feel relaxed and less tensed up as a homeschooling momma.

    I enjoyed reading, alhamdulilaah. And I enjoyed finding out some very new things about you such as:

    1. Part of your ancestry is Nigerian, and so am I.
    2. Very sad that your paternal grand-dad’s family apostated after his death. That’s kind of a norm among Nigerian Muslims. I have a few aunts and uncles too on both my dad and mum’s side that left Islam. It is very ironic to me that while the westerners are craving for Islam and accepting Islam in numbers in the West, many African Muslims, specifically Nigeria, are leaving Islam in numbers.
    3. When I was young, I wanted to become a medical doctor. After few years of med school in Nigeria and pre-med studies here in the States, I decided to accept my qadar. Raising kids while having the thoughts to further my medical passion here in the States, was going to be too demanding and limit my family commitments. That was my number one issue. Another issue was the school loans with riba. I just did not want to compromise my deen just because I wanted to be a Muslim doctor.
    So here I am, satisfied with being a Muslim momma, a nutritionist, and a freelance writer.

    Khayr insha Allaah.

    Keep up the good works, Sis.

    • Walaikum assalam wa rahmatullah

      Alhamdulillah for everything. Often, we want something but actually what Allah gives us is far better than what we wanted.

  4. As salaamu ‘alaikum Sis,

    So many interesting facts, lol. I love stationery too! And yes, it would be very cool to be a midwife but the hours!

    Take care,
    wa salaam,

  5. Assalamu alaikum wr wb sister, I subscribed to your blog a year ago I think and get emails every time you blog. It became like a second nature to wait for emails from your blog SubhanAllah. BUt how old are you? I dont know you personally that s why. And dont take me wrong, I just wondered because you wanted to become a midwife one day , just like I still dream of becoming a doctor when I am already 30 🙂

    • Walaikum Assalam

      Ooh! Telling my age would be giving away too much lol. Well, my consultant midwife told me that she became a midwife as a ‘mature’ student around her mid-30s so I guess its never too late. 🙂

  6. as salaamu `alaykum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh!

    You had me chuckling at Al Pacino 🙂 Small world ma shaa Allah.

    I love stationery too but I think with me, it has to be books. I’ve always wanted to open a bookstore/library with a cafe.

    • I tell you what sis. We can have a bookshop, with a cafe in the corner and a stationery section. Wouldn’t it be fab sis! x

  7. mashaAllah, those are beautiful things to know about you. Can relate to the love of stationery…mmm…the smell and the lure of fresh, clean, new, white pages! just sooo inviting… I’m always like a little kid in stationery shops, lol!

  8. Salamun Alaikum 🙂
    Love reading your blog… My dad had a stationary shop since I was little and I used to love going there (somehow there was always something I ‘needed’ for school, lol) My birthday is also 11th Nov, and I homeschool my 4 kids as well 🙂

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