An excellent book!


I am reading a brilliant book that I would recommend EVERYONE to read:

The blurb on the back reads:

“There is so much your child will learn at school. But there are other vital things, all too frequently absent from a busy school’s syllabus, that are increasingly recognised as being just as essential to your child’s future. These secrets of success include qualities such as curiosity, independent thinking, perserverance, determination, individuality and a willingness to weigh up risks and solve problems.

In The Bright Stuff, leading child eduction expert, C.J. Simister takes one secret of success at a time and offers a treasure trove of imaginative, playful and fun activities, games and exercises. These can be used to preserve, nurture and enhance your child’s extraordinary potential, making sure it does not remain untapped. ”

I’m not kidding – borrow or buy this book!


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      • Salams. Yes I’ve tried the “imagine there was a secret door in the garden” game, making up stories and letting them continue is a favourite. On long journeys I’d start with a few lines of story, stop and let the next kid continue, then they stop etc. Its very entertaining and great fun to see where their imaginations can take them. Also got the children’s mind maps book she recommends-very interesting-will show you inshallah x

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