Another new method to our home ed..


So, we took a break last week and good that we did because all the kids were sick!

During the week, I spent time talking to R about home ed, schools, and learning in general. I asked R what she liked about home ed and what she didn’t like about home ed. We talked about why it was important for her to learn certain subjects. She told me what she found boring and what she wanted to do more of. And overall, I think we were both happier after we discussed this home ed journey that we embarked upon.

What I realised about R is that she prefers to be able to choose what she wants to do. There was a time when she didn’t mind the sequence of subjects I set for her. But it seems now that she wants more flexibility and more control over what she does and when she does it.

So, we took a piece of paper and she told me what she wanted to learn and I told her what I would like for her to learn. And at the end of our conversation, we came up with a week’s worth of subjects that R and I were happy with.

She told me that sometimes she felt there was too much to do in one day. And other times it was okay. So, I decided to change our method. Instead of daily lists, R now has one block week list (jzk for the reminder for this ummrashid). The block remains the same and there are some subjects where I put down page numbers or resources that I would like her to use and there are other subjects where she decides what she wants to do. I print out the block sheet and fill it in with page numbers, resources etc.

I then stick it on to the wall.

(Oh and Z’s activities are at the bottom of the page)

We agreed that R must start her day off with Quran which consists of: Reading, revision of surahs already memorised and work on hifdh. After that she can choose how many boxes she wants from the block sheet as long as the whole block sheet is completed by the end of the week which is a Sunday.

To see how she is getting on, when she chooses a box from the block sheet and completes something, she has to colour it in. All boxes completed on one day will be coloured in the same colour. And the next day will be another colour inshaAllah.

So far it has worked much better. She’s happier and I’m happier that she’s happier. Alhamdulillah.

I’ve also realised that I need to grab opportunities more. R asks so many questions in one day and I need to follow her questions up by providing ways to explore her interests further. I’m trying to do more of this. One thing I have learnt about home ed over the last 3 years, is that it is impossible to think that a routine, method, resources or even curricula has to remain the same. Changes occur: moving house, having babies, interests change, kids want more independence and the list goes on and on and on. As facilitators, we need to adapt to the changes within our children. And alhamdulillah that home ed allows for that to happen.


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  1. AA WR WB,

    Yes, thaanks to umm Rashid I’ve also been thinking of implementing this. Did you get the block sheet ready made on the net or did you do it yourself?


  2. ooh I’m defnitely going to try this. My dd is a super fast learner and is getting frustrated with having to stick to the schedule.

    Jzk Allahu khairn!

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