Review: Steps to Arabic by Gardens of Arabic


Did or do your children find the qaaidah boring? I know that R did when she was using it. But its just one of those things that needs to be learnt.

A sister I know set up a system to teach children how to read Arabic which reflects the method children are taught to read in English.

It uses a step-by-step approach and focuses on building the child’s confidence in reading Arabic with each step that they take. Although R has gone through the qaaidah many times, we used the ‘Steps to Arabic’ pack to increase her confidence in reading both the Quran and Arabic. I can see the difference in using this great system already. It is much more enjoyable for the child, it is easier to use and the child really does feel a sense of achievement as they move on to the next ‘colour’ in the program. The first part of the cards in each coloured set have sentences which are broken up into words. Each set focuses on a particular aspect of reading, for example kasrah, sukoon, maad etc. The ‘focus’ is highlighted in a different colour, so it is easier for the child to practice that particular aspect of reading.  It also encourages sight reading too which works towards fluency in reading.

The last card in a set then joins up all the words from the previous cards so that the child is now able to easily read sentences. Many Muslims tend to teach their children from a young age to read the Quran and I do feel that the traditional qaaidah is both daunting and quite tedious for little hands and little eyes. This is quite sad because the child perhaps has a negative association with Quran from the beginning which shouldn’t be the case. Steps to Arabic really is perfect for children in that it is colourful and easy to use and learn. I even think adults could benefit from it too.

Had I known about this program when R was younger, I would have definitely used it instead of the qaaidah as I can see the difference. I think it is definitely a good buy as this can be used for other children and so I will inshaAllah be using this with Z and baby Y.

We also have the Arabic Tool Kit (above) which teaches children the Arabic alphabet and the letters with vowles. I haven’t used this with R as it is too basic for her now. But it is something that I look forward to using with Z inshaAllah. I really like how this is set out too. When I start this with him, I will be writing a separate review inshaAllah.

Do check out the website inshaAllah and inform your family and friends about this new effective way in teaching children to read Quran and Arabic:


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  1. Asalamu Alecum sister my two oldest girls learnt to read the Quran Mash Allah Qawaid books and enjoyed it but maybe with my yourngest daughter I will try these had a look at the site and £12.99 is not bad with free p and p. Jazakuallkairan for sharing. It is nice to have different resources as we know all children learn in different ways.

    • Walaikum assalam

      I think the Steps To Arabic is best. But the other one is good for younger children who don’t know their alphabet and vowels.

  2. Asalamu Alecum Umm Salam Until Umm Raiyan replies my daughers who are six and seven were fin withe Qawaid book we also use Gateway to arabic and Al Madina reader books for their arabic reading but may order what Umm Raiyan has suggested here for my three year old.

  3. Assalaamu Alaykum wa rahmatullah

    In shaa Allaah, I hope you and your family had a wonderful eid. Maa shaa Allaah we have been learning ‘nooraniyah’ from here: . The whole family (ma shaa Allaah, adults and children), have been following these classes and have learnt so much, and enjoyed it too. Is this similar to what your daughter has been using? Alhamdulillah, lots of beneficial classes on the site

  4. Alhamdulillaah, also we use this (the lessons are short) and this – we bought them as part of a set. Has anyone seen these on sale in the uk? Maa shaa Allaah, this site also has the lessons:

  5. Assalaamu Alaykum

    Another thing that we have noticed with our children, maa shaa Allaah, tabaarakAllaah – when they see us studying they want to join in too.

  6. Asalamalaikum sis
    Inshallah you and your family had a lovely Eid. Mashallah these resources look excelent i just purchased one!
    Inshallah I wanted to ask you where you got the individual juz of the quran I really like that book but have only ever found juzz amma in that size
    another thing i tried the website for your 1-100 lapbook but it has been taken off inshalllah do you still have it? would be great cause the one you didwith your daughter looked amazing mashallah!
    jazakillahu khairan katheer i love you site and get so many ideas your doing a fantastic job mashallah!
    wasalam umm assia

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