New additions to the family


No, I’m not pregnant!

But these are the new additions mashaAllah!

My husband and R are made about animals and have been bugging me (I am not an animal fan) to have a pet. We have fish but I just really do not like animals. We have a wonderful car boot sale that is not too far from us that I have found some fantastic home ed bargains at. Do check out where your local car boot sale is because you can buy some excellent stuff for like 50p or £1. For example, I bought a brand new GALT paper making kit for R for £1.50!!! Anyway, two weeks ago, we found a lady selling a hamsters cage with everything – grooming set, playing tubes, teeth grinder, playing tray, two sleeping huts, water feeder, exercise wheel and food pot all for….£5!! It was an absolute bargain. So, the next day hubby went on to gumtree and we bought two 3 week old Syrian hamsters for £5 each! All we then had to buy was the straw which was just over £1 and some food – again just over £1.

Z and R are thrilled to bits. They take them out of the cage all the time and as long as they close the door behind them and I’m not in the room I don’t mind. We told R that it is her responsibility to clean the cage weekly. And mashaAllah she did it. Their names are Sinan and Lala. I would recommend getting your kids a pet. Hamsters are easy, cheap and as long as you clean the cage weekly they don’t smell. If you buy them as babies then you won’t have a problem with biting as they get used to you.

I told R that if one of them runs off after her taking them out of the cage, THEY ARE GOING! Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ll be standing up on a table screaming lol


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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah they look great! I had hamsters when I was young, my mum was completely turned by them, lol. I haven’t held one for years, but I don’t think I could now!

    Just be careful when R lets them out, they are notorious for getting inside furniture. My friend once borrowed mine for a day, it got inside their settee, *lived* there for a few weeks before eating it’s way out of the armrest. I’m sure yours will be much better behaved though, lol!

    I’m hoping to get mine a rabbit inshaAllah. They grew tired of their fish a long time ago, lol.


    • Walaikum assalam

      Lol! You know me well ummsalam, there is no way that those hamsters are going to be naughty hamsters. We bought a rabbit years ago, but like the little kitten we also got – after a day of having them (even though R was soooooo happy), I turned to my husband and said “This isn’t going to work out. It has to go!” The rabbit was given to a sister and the cat was given to another sister who still has it. lol

  2. Mash Allah they look cute but I would be too frightened to look after them ha ha My brother had a hamster my girls loved when we went to visit but it died. He used to put it in a big flat cardboard when he was cleaning the cage and they loved to have a little stroke.

  3. Slm alkm sister,
    My mind went into a frenzy as the pictures were slowly downloading. At first I thought they were mice. Can’t stand any of these things, mice, hamsters, chinchillas etc.
    My daughter had rabbits though, they were cute … but they stayed in the garden (we had to give them away when they started eating the garden fence & the shed, and that’s after they’d eaten their own shed) She misses them like crazy but knows we won’t buy her rabbits again. She’s thinking of having a budgie but I’m not too sure. I’m not really good with things that fly/run away so I’m still thinking.

  4. Salaam, Are Syrian hamsters sociable with each other when adults then? Its nice to have two and see them interact. The other sort of hamsters are supposed to fight each other visciously if kept together I think.
    I had hamsters (in seperate cages!) when young. The other advantage is that their lifespan is short, so the child doesn’t get time to get fed up of them.

    • Walaikum assalam

      We were told it is the Russian hamsters which are vicious with one another and that the Syrian ones are fine.

  5. as salaamu `alaykum …

    LOL! You are so cute ma shaa Allah. You remind me of the mum in Philippa Pearce’s Bubble and Squeak (only a lot more pleasant of course!) 🙂

  6. salaams sis
    i think…maybe ummrashid is rigth! i had a Syrian hamster about a year ago and we wanted to buy two and was told ‘if we buy two we should get two cages’ i just looked it up awell, check the link

    unfortunately our hamster died because Khadijah who was then two couldn’t wait to clean the cage,pulled it off the self 😥

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