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Alhamdulillah, last night I hosted the annual eid gala event for revert2reality. All the sisters had a blast last night mashaAllah. It is for reverts and the local east london community and there were quite a few homeschooling sisters I know who attended.

It was such a great evening. It really is so nice to see sisters all done up and enjoying themselves. What a fab night. Those that were there lol – I guess you saw my…cough cough…wild side! lol

It is REAAAAAAAALY cold at the moment. The kids have been ill. I’ve been a little ill and then hubby has been ill. Just that time of the year.

These days I don’t feel like going out unless I really need to. We go to our local home ed group on a Thursday, but I’m pretty much quite happy to stay home most of the week and do stuff with the kids. I don’t really do ‘cold’ weather.

Anyway, here is some of what we’ve been up to:

Aside from this, I have really been trying to follow R’s interests. And the hamsters have proven to be a great asset in R leading her own learning. As a result of her new little friends, she took out 5 books about hamsters from the library and proceeded to read them in bits over the week. We couldn’t understand why they seem to sleep all day and then come alive at night. She was reading one of her books and screamed “Ummi! They’re nocturnal!” It was only earlier that very day that she learnt what that word meant as we read a book about night and day for our surah falaq project. She also learnt that they can be potty trained and what she needs to do daily and weekly to look after them. She also started a hamsters diary and wrote a few pages about her hamsters and their activities! All of this was self-led learning mashaAllah.

Unfortunately, hubby is not very happy with the ‘smell’ from the hamsters. He is quite particular about cleanliness and I’m afraid that despite R’s thorough cleaning, they might have to go!! We haven’t told her yet – poor thing! First we got rid of the kitten, then the rabbit, then her tortoise died and now the hamsters might have to be sold on

Oh well, we’ve still got the fish! lol

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  1. Asalamu Alecum sister oh no the hamsters have to go how are you going to tell R? Not easy but I guess they do smell my brothers did but only when you were up close and he did clean it often too.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    I think its the urine that smells. Can you mask it over with some pot pourri near the cage or something? They really are some of the least smelly animals, if I remember right.

  3. Good idea about the pot pourri I thought too that they arent really too smelly..hope you find a solution without getting rid of them..

    • Well, R cleaned the cage again yesterday and so far, we haven’t taken any pictures of them to put on gumtree so I guess they’re staying put for now.

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