Audio: How to manage effective home ed


I listened to an audio lecture recently from a homeschool expo that I registered for. It is by a Christian home educating mother in America.

Ignore the shirk in the audio and say ‘audhu billah’ for that part. There are some things which I disagreed with but there are some things which I found really beneficial. And when she talks about her home ed in relation to the ‘lord’, just think about what she is saying as a Muslim – because it still applies to us.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the type of blog to upload audio files as I have to pay for that. If you would be interested in listening to this – leave a comment, and I’ll email it to you. Hope you find it beneficial. Let me know what you think…

It includes the:

Why, when, how, where of homeschool.

How to multi homeschool.

How to plan.

Where to homeschool

How to manage everything else in your life

And more.


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  1. AssalamuAlaikum dear sis,

    I would be interested in listening to this inshaAllah. Please email it to me.
    May your jumuah be blessed!

    Umm Muhammad x

  2. Assalaamualaikum sister,

    Jazakallah kheir. I would be interested in this – we can always benefit and learn from others, even when we have differing viewpoints and opinions/beliefs.

    Wassalaamualaikum. =)

  3. Assalamu alaykum,
    I would be interested in listening to it as well. Can you please e-mail it to me inshaAllah. Barak Allahu fiki.
    Take care,

  4. Assalam o ALikum my dear sis in Islam,

    insha ALlah I would love to listen to this one. do send me an e mail. Masha ALlah talla your blog is really helpful. May Alah reward you immensly for all your hard work.
    Jzk Allahu khair.

    Wa Salam
    Umm Bilal

  5. Assalamualaikum,
    Dearest sis I would also appreciate if you could email the link,inshaAllah in your own time.jazakillahul khair!

  6. Assalamu alaykum,
    Can you please email me the link as well, I would like to listen to it inshaAllah.
    May Allah reward you for all you do.
    Fi amani Allah.

  7. Asalamu alaikum 🙂
    I really love this blog and the raw-ness of it. May He reward you for putting yourself out there and sharing your llife with us. I do learn quite a bit from you 🙂
    Please pass on this audio link to me. Jzk 🙂

  8. As salaamu alaikum wa Rahmatullah
    Am in need of a home ed revival pleeeeeaaaaase email me the lecture! Jazakum Allahu Khairan sister may Allah reward you Ameen.

  9. Assalamu alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakatahu
    Jazak Allah khairun for sharing your experiences, advice and inspiration with us. I would love to hear the link too.

  10. asalamu alakum sister i enjoy reading your blog and have gained alot of home ed info from you jazakallah khair may allah bless you and your family…plz send me the linkfor “how to manage home ed” thank you

  11. I do need lots of energy for our home Ed (Ummu Kultsum & Umamah). Kindly send me the link please…
    May Allah give us strength to raise Muslim generations. Jazakillah khayr ukhty
    barokallahu fiyk. big hug n kisses from Jakarta.

  12. Assalamu alaikum wr wb, I would also like to listen to this audio. COuld you please email me the details of where I can download it

  13. masahallah thats sounds really good we r muslims need to get benefit from everywhere wether its done by a cristian or any other faiths

    i would like to listen to that audio but do i have to pay for it as i assumed from what u said sister?

    jazakillah khair and may allah guide u to d best.

  14. salamu alaikum ugti,

    please send me the audio too insha Allah.
    barakallahu fiki.

    umm juwayriyah, rayhanah and ubaydullah from holland

  15. Assalamu alaikum.

    Jazakhallhu khairan for all your hard work in maintaining this blog. I have learnt a lot from you. Could you please mail me the audio link.

  16. Salam,

    A friend just introduced your blog to me and I’m very impressed. I’m starting to homeschool my almost 3 years old daughter. And also started fb group called ‘Malaysian Homeschooling Network’.

    If possible, I would like to hear this audio lecture.

    Thank you. You are an inspiration.


  17. Asalaamu alaikum,

    JazakAllah khair for taking the time to detail your projects and plans – alhamdulillah I have found your blog very useful and inspriring mashAllah, as someone who is just about to embark on home educating inshallah!

    I would really appriciate the link to this audio inshallah.

    JazakALlah khair sis

  18. Salaams Ummraiyaan,
    I came across your blog last year, but JUST started reading it, not because I didn’t want to but was in the middle of moving countries, houses, having babies..etc.
    Subhana Allah, I love your blog sis! and getting soo much from it, can relate to lots of it too.
    Masha Allah tabaraka Allah may the Almighty increase for you all good and make all things easy and accept us all in this catching up on all the blogs, picking up lots as I go along so you will probably find a few late and random comments as I go along.
    so to start with, may I please have that link if it’s still available?
    Jazakha Allah Khair. 🙂

    • Walaikum assalam

      Jzk for your comment sis. Will inshaAllah email it to those who didn’t get it. Ameen to all of your duas. x

      • I now feel terrible for asking pliz don’t feel underpressure, hoping you don’t close the blog because am really enjoying it and hopefully inspiring me to start a blog myself.

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