Whilst it snowed…


we stayed at home pretty much. Except for one day when we ventured out and had a family snowfight! Much to the shock of passers by!

I’ll start with Z. ALHAMDULILLAH MASHA’ALLAH -the boy is finally calming down! He still throws some tantrums and drives me nuts sometimes but he is definitely getting better mashaAllah as he leaves age 2 and gets closer to age 3!

This week, I spent time reading lots of books to him. He likes books that have magnetic or felt pieces to move around. They are all to do with cars, fire engines or planes! He also likes doing puzzles.

Got this brand new puzzle which has numbers to 26 on one side and the alphabet letters on the other side for £1.50 at a car boot sale.

Young children do love doing crafts. So, I do aim to do at least three in the week with Z. Although, I’m not starting anything formal with him, he does need time with me and I find that he is much calmer when he knows that he’s done something with Ummi.

I drew a bus shape and cut it out whilst Z coloured in the sun and drew squiggles on the piece of blue paper. I then cut out four squares, a strip and two large circles from black paper. And he stuck them on with pritt stick mashaAllah. Very proud of his little bit of artwork!


Now on to R. When R and I sat together to form her timetable, she said she wanted to bake once a week. So far we have kept to this. She made yummy caramel shortbread. (I just sneaked a piece without the kids knowing!) I do try and let her do most of the baking on her own now as I feel she is capable. It builds her confidence too.

Mixed flour, butter and caster sugar into crumbs with her hands.

Then filled up a shallow tray. Put it in the oven to bake.

We could have made the caramel but as she wanted to do it herself, I thought it would be easier (and quicker) to buy a tin of caramel. So she spread it over the base once it had cooled out of the oven.

We put it into the fridge to set a bit. Then melted milk chocolate and spread it on top. Left it over night to chill. Took it out of the fridge so that it didn't crack upon cutting it. And oh so yummy with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

I really do get excited when she takes her own initiative in her learning mashaAllah. This week she did a bit of ‘still life’ art on her own. She sat at the computer and made her own laptop. She copied all the keys on the keyboard – everything. lol It took her some time and I just silently observed.

And of course the snow…

AND finally. I’ve got to mention this because it was such a hit with R! She has opened her own email account. A sister recommended it and oh my gosh has she been excited. She received her first mail from me (of course). And my mother has sent her a few, as well as another home educated friend of hers. This is actually quite a good learning tool. She is learning to type, learning to spell and write sentences all without realising it.

Only problem is, she keep asking me: “Ummi, can I check my email?” Oh dear, the fight for the computer has already begun! Anyone who has kids roughly her age who would like to converse by email, send me a message and I’ll email you her email address privately. I would really recommend setting up an email account for your kids.


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  1. Assalamu alaykum,
    mashaAllah we set up email account for F when we moved to UK so that she can communicate with her grandma and friends back home. It is really a good thing. So if R is interested, send me pls her email and I give it to F inshaAllah.
    Wa alaykumu ssalam,

  2. Assalamoalaikum

    how nice to see the enthusiasm and the learning that a simple thing like setting an amail account can bring. Now that R has her pwn email account, why not join the Alatfaal Express? She can write about the places she love and just email it to post@alatfaalexpress.posterous.com and share her beloved places with everyone all over the world? I would really be pleased if she joins us there.

    My kids would also love to be epals with her. So if she is interested you can send me her email address and my kids will email her freom their own. My kids are 8 and 5 years old.


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