Z is currently 2. 8 months old and I said I would never start anything formal with him like I did with R but it looks like he might be ready for a little something. Its strange because this was around the same time that I actually started home educating R formally.

Well, here is some stuff that I did with him. What is great about the second one is that you can use all the ideas you used with the first one. I don’t need to plan at all. Because I kept all of R’s work when she was 2.5 years old, I can look through that folder and take the ideas and do them with Z. It was funny because as I did some of these with Z, R remarked “I remember doing that!” I’m surprised she can remember that far back!

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  1. Wow, reading this one made me very happy….but I think I need to practice a lot of patience first, I am really lagging it when it comes to teach him. Do you have any idea for potty training at this age? He is exactly 2.8 Yr old and my Hubby is so impatient to train him for potty. I developed this impatience with him, and now I am not able to let it go. Pl advice. Thank you sis.

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