Two weeks..


All of us have slowly been recovering. Then R was really ill yesterday and still isn’t 100% today, so we’ve been taking it easy. She managed her Quran today and a bit of math and is doing some glass painting as I type this. Z is playing with his train set and baby Y is napping.

As always, have been thinking about home ed, my kids, what I want them to gain from this HE journey. And so, I’m doing a ‘pilot’ for the next two weeks.

Despite the fact that the block timetable was going really well, I have put it away for the next two weeks and instead, I have cut down her timetable to the following:

  • Quran – hifdh, muraajah, reading
  • Arabic – Rosetta Stone, Al tilmeedh, reading
  • English – handwriting and one of grammar, spelling, comprehension or creative writing
  • Math
  • Quran Curriculum/Islamic Studies

Everything has gone. The reason for this is that I want her to have the time in the day to explore her interests. A sis on the homeeducatorsandukmuslims2 list gave a fab idea and said that it would be good to keep a little notebook. Everytime your child asks you a question about something or wants to learn about something, note it down and start searching for books, online stuff, experiments and activities related to their questions/interests.

So, I want to leave more room in the day for this kind of thing and so have cut out everything else. Will see how it goes and keep you updated.


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  1. Assalam u alaikum

    JazakAllah o khair for the nice idea. My baby is just 2.3 mashAllah . She keeps asking questions whenever she sees anything in a book which she does not know. I ll follow u up so plz keep updated.

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