Still here!


Thanks to all the readers who emailed me asking if I was okay as I hadn’t posted in some time. I didn’t actually realise it had been that long! Sorry that I haven’t replied personally to you all.

Since I last posted, we have been busy doing a massive ‘winter clean’ of our home. A huge declutter, cleaning places that go untouched, moving furniture around to have a change etc. So that has pretty much taken up a lot of our time. I have also been very busy with a couple of things which have been taking up a lot of my time and are quite urgent. Hubby has also been off work.

Nothing spectacular Im afraid. Except that Z has finally got the hang of potty training mashaAllah! We persisted and oh my gosh were there tears from him and me – but one day a few days ago he said “Ummi, I need to…” and pointed down below! Couldnt believe it. And so for the past almost 2 weeks all poo poos have been in the toilet and last few days a lot of wee wees have also gone in lol.

Anyone who know how frustrated I was about his potty training will know how happy I am. R was potty trained before she was 2 mashaAllah and I guess I didnt realise how different boys were in learning how to do things. But he got there in the end alhamdulillah. At least now I know he’s normal and won’t be as stressed when it comes to potty training Y. Z has also calmed down a lot mashaAllah and is speaking a lot more clearly and we actually have conversations and not just his demands. He has started to ask me ‘why’ lol

Anyway, back to normal next week inshaAllah and I’ll still be sticking to the reduced timetable for R so that she has more time and freedom to explore her interests and learn more organically.

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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    “At least now I know he’s normal”….lol! Were you thinking he was a different species, lol?!

    I have this ahead of me, not looking forward to it!


  2. oh…potty training make me laugh..sorry..not to offend you..just remind me the same situation I had..nearly 10-11 years back. When we had forst one a girl and second one is a boy , we do feel frustrated now and again. Until my third and last one I realise potty training can only been done when their bowel is ready. Doesn’t matter how you train them or push them, it will make it harder and stress for them and us.

    Btw, girl and boy realy work and gfor at different phase. I come to the term that I had to accept that as for years I had to keep asking my self what is wrong with my son. btw, not all boy is slow, some not like my younger sn. but, still they are compare to girl especially in learning. So, learning style between boys and girls is better be at different way and miles stone, otherwise, us and kids will get sress and frustrated. They will get it eventually, and by undertanding the different and not to worry much, we will actually find how fun it is to work with different style and phase. And I think learning and observe our son make us undertanding more about our own husband!

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum dear sis,

    Masha Allaah glad that you all are well. We have been missing your blog sis because of internet issues. Hope you received my mail I sent some time back. Please do keep us in your duas and will mail you soon Insha Allaah! Take Care

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