Neglecting my baby


I have been neglecting my baby – my blog that is!  😉

I am just so busy right now, that I rarely have time to blog, to even visit the IHSAN forum.

Just a very quick update.

The usual Quran, Arabic, Math, English and Islamic Studies has been taking place. R finished off a sewing project which I will blog about separately as it is a very sweet new product that we were asked to review. At the moment, her interest lies in horses. She has started a new horses lapbook. We seem to be baking all the time! Maybe she’ll teach me a thing or two! 😉 And the usual imaginative play. Sometimes she’s a lion looking after her cubs. Other times she’s an explorer. And more than often she’s Mummy and I find Z in a pretty skirt and cardigan with a headband on his head! Oh dear! She is also really into the Deadly 60 program on bbc iplayer cbbc at the moment. Quite interesting stuff. She isn’t really into reading fiction at the moment. But is reading anything she can find on animals – non-fiction based. We’ve been playing a lot of games: battleship, uno, snakes and ladders, stack ’em.

As for Z, well the potty training is going well alhamdulillah. Going to try and tackle the nights soon. Lots of crafts, imaginary play, and I’ve also started a very simple curriculum with him which I did with R when she was his age. You can find more about it here:

We’ve just started and he cut out a sqaure and decorated it with glitter. We walked around the home trying to find things with square shapes. He is really getting into book and asks me to read things constantly to him. He loves books about dinosaurs, fire engines and trains. I’ve realised in order to keep up with his demands for me to read to him, I literally have to stay put on the sofa for a good amount of time and do nothing else but read to him.

As for baby Y, he’s almost 10.5 months old! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe a year has almost gone by. It feels like only yesterday when I was blogging asking everyone to make dua that I would have my VBA2C! Baby Y is EVERYWHERE! Crawling really quickly, standing up or anything he can grab onto. Pulling books of shelves, putting everything into his mouth! And I think he might start walking soon. He pulls himself up on to something and then lets go and takes a lot of joy in knowing that he is able to stand up on his own without leaning on anything. Yup, I know – I’m in trouble!

Nothing too exciting to report I’m afraid. Oh, R has asked that we go back to our block timetable of doing things – so we’ll be returning to that next week inshaAllah.

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  1. Salams,

    Oh, a reminder of the sofa days; what great memories mashaAllah!

    My dd2 is really into horses too. Does R know about Club Pony Pals? You get to deign your own pony, then you have to feed, groom and ride it. You get regular email updates aswell. My girls love it.

    • Walaikum assalam

      No, we don’t know about Club pony pals. Is there a website? Sounds like someting R will really love! Jzk for this sis!

  2. As salaam alaikum,

    Good to hear from you again.

    Although we haven’t been on it lately, Club Pony Pal is great for the girls as well as the chapter books that go along with it, maashaa Allah.

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