SMART ART REVIEW: Muslim Doll Sewing Kit



As I mentioned in a previous post, R completed a sewing project and it was this lovely new product from Smart Ark. We actually received this product to review months ago but R took her time in completing it but once she was really into it, it didnt take long.

This is a lovely printed doll on fabric and comes with stuffing, thread, needle and even cute little pink scissors! Smart Ark also sell a matching bag but I think this is separate.

R has really been into sewing for some time now mashaAllah. And so this was the perfect product to enter her into the sewing world!

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What did we both like about this product?

  • Lovely packaging – really gets the child excited.
  • No face on the doll!
  • Fantastic quality – some sewing kits include materials that is really quite rubbish. But this was really good quality stuff mashaAllah.
  • And it came with an instruction booklet.

R really enjoyed making her doll and I couldn’t recommend this product enough for your little girls. I hope that Smart Ark will make a doll for boys because I do feel that boys should also get into sewing too inshaAllah. After all, the Prophet (saw) used to sew his own clothes!

Definitely visit their website and order your Muslim Doll Sewing kit today! And remember all their products are ethically made!


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  1. slm alkm sister,
    It’s funny, I’ve just bought the doll after reading the review on the “A Muslim Child is Born” blog.
    I can’t wait for my daughter to start on this project.

    With regard to the boy version, why don’t you do your own? You could do a little trouser with a little jumper or thobe, sew everything together and then give the shaped fabric to your son to sew (if old enough for that, sorry, can’t remember the age of your children).


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