He’s gone!


Hubby and Z flew to Algeria yesterday. I was actually looking forward to the break! lol

But as soon as R, baby Y and I returned home last night – my heart longed for Z. It is soooooooo QUIET at home. It really shows me how much of a place Z has in our family. He really does keep me on my toes and drives me nuts, but gosh do I love him and miss him more than I thought I would.

R and I have planned a fun filled social week. We have been invited by a few sisters over the last few weeks but due to a new project I’ve been working on for the last few months, I haven’t been able to accept their invitations or do much else. The blog has suffered, rarely get a chance to visit the IHSAN forum but alhamdulillah it is refreshing to know that Allah has blessed this project in so many ways and that it will finally be launching very soon inshaAllah.

R and I sat down together last night and planned her ‘fun filled week’. It will be very much a social week, visiting others and having some friends over. And lots of arts and crafts, baking, museum visits etc.  So easy to get around and do things with just R and baby Y but I really do miss Z. 😦


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  1. Asalamu Alecum sister it is not easy for when you are the one left behind My hubby went two years ago alone and it was hard. But the time will fly and as you said you can do alot more things with two and Insh Allah it wont be long until your husband and little Z are back and they will have a lovely time in Algeria I am sure.

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