Last week and a review


Last week was nice. It was too quiet at home with Z and hubby gone! But we made the most of it. To end the week, we had a few friends over (there were about 18 home educated kids in total – I’ve never had so many kids over at my house!) I let R choose who she wanted to invite and there was food, lots of screaming and laughter, some great party games and sweets at the end. By the end of it I was knackered. But the look on your child’s face when they’re so happy and surrounded by friends was priceless mashaAllah.

Z and hubby arrived back on Sunday. And the house is noisy again. Amazing the presence a 3 year old can have!

We’re taking it easy this week. Quran as usual. Lots of reading.

R has started to read a book we received recently from and I cannot tell you how much she is enjoying it. I didn’t ask her to read this but she got into it straight away and picks it up throughout the day to read. She told me that she doesn’t like reading fiction anymore but loves reading ‘books about life’ and ‘stories of the prophets, sahabah and tabieen’.

I don’t know why there has been this sudden change but she really is not into fiction unless I read it to her. But she could read encyclopedias and biographies to herself without no problem. Strange, but my job as her home educator is to facilitiate that for her.

This is the book that she can’t stop reading:

MashaAllah this series called The Golden Series of the Prophet’s Companions really is fantastic. The vocabulary in here is challenging for R at times, but mashaAllah it hasn’t stopped her from reading it. She is thoroughly enjoying it. She does stop often to ask me what this word means and that word means which is good as it builds up her vocab. And we have had some very interesting conversations which have stemmed from her reading. This is her own independent choice and I won’t force her to finish it but so far she is really enjoying it especially learning about how Sa’d Ibn Waqqas and the way in which he was strong in his belief despite his mother’s blackmail of starving herself if he did not return to the way of his forefathers.

I really recommend buying books from these series. Al Farooq international only sell them for £1.99!! They can either be read by the child themselves or they can be read by the parent to the child. Either way, what is great is that projects can be made based on the characters of the sahabah and fruitful discussions where you can bring in akhlaq, aqeedah issues without having to do any ‘worksheets’. Surely, this is the best way in learning Islam – discussion and action upon what we learn. I’m actually enjoying hearing her read as I pass by her. I’m learning too.

If you want to buy this book or others from this series please visit this new company who have some really great resources thats difficult to find and buy in the UK (particularly the Iqra series which many of you have asked me about):


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