I’m learning too!


Yesterday we attended a workshop at an inner city farm organised just for us home edders. I think there were about 30 children there mainly from our thursday home ed group.

The workshop started around 10.30 and finished at 1:45 with a break for lunch in the middle.

SubhanAllah, the weather was just glorious mashaAllah and R had such a wonderful time – animals especially horses is so her thing at the moment! Whilst she and the other older kids attended the workshop which included a tour of the farm with quizzes etc. Z, baby Y and I and the other mums with little ones went to see the animals. It was nice to see Z enjoying himself – he loved feeding all the animals.

One of the sheep was pregnant and the children were advised not to be too loud otherwise the sheep could miscarry! I was quite surprised at that and wondered why on earth they would have her there on the farm where there are screaming kids!

Anyway, yesterday really smelt and looked like Spring.

This year inshaAllah, I am really planning on getting out more with the kids: museums, trips, parks. I want the world to be their classroom.

Its strange, I think this year has been the one year where my ‘timetable’ for R has been changed so many times. Sisters do say that as they approach the age of 7 that they see a marked difference. I am beginning to undertstand what they mean. Never thought I would become as relaxed as I am becoming in our home ed but I am beginning to learn what this home ed thing truly is about. Its not about keeping to the national curriculum, its not about ticking off checklists, its about them – our children, the next generation of Islam and how they will inshaAllah lead this ummah and make it into something wonderful and special.

Its about our children having a great love for learning and a passion for life. Our home ed journey isn’t just about my kids learning – I’m learning too!


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  1. As’salaamu Alayki ukhti!

    Maashaa Allaah ukhti. The visit to the farm sounds very nice. I am sure the children loved it. Animals are so fascinating, maashaa Allaah. Seeing them and learning about them always, can truly give one a great appreciation for Allaah’s creation and remind you of his greatness.

    I fully agree, home education is not about keeping up with public school expectations. Our jobs is to teach our children about Allaah ta’ala and the beauty of Islaam first, while making sure they have the tools to be prodcutive muslims. Learning should be enjoyable, not a list of task that we just have to complete. Take care habeebati.

  2. Assalaamu Alaikum sis,

    I agree with you fully. I am learning each day masha Allaah through this wonderful journey and I am sure I never enjoyed so much as I do now during my school days. Preparing for my little one and playing the role of a facilitator makes you a better learner masha Allaah! Jazzakillaah Khayr sis for sharing this thought!

  3. Assalamualaykum
    I think my overall goals and aims have always remained the same, but my method of reaching those goals changes over time. Thats the learning process for me!

  4. Salaams I actually flexi-school my daughter so one day off in the week i have negotiated with the head of the local school she attends and the borough to have family time. Funnily enough we went to Hainult Country Park Farm today which I would really recommend. Although I must say the rain today didnt hinder us, we simply got the hoods and brollies out and the kids have a fabulous time alhamdulilah. Although I did have it easy my baby was fast asleep in the car so my hubby went around the farm in the rain whilst I could admire the amazing view. He found it funny how none of the geese and ducks were afraid of the cars on the road through the park, but I guess we think because we have big machines the rest of nature has to change and adapt to us. Glad these geese had better ideas!

    • Ooh sounds nice mashaAllah. I remember visiting Hainault Farm when I was at school. I think we might need to take a trip up there. Do they still do orienteering there?x

  5. SubhanAllah it is so so true. The most beneficial and successful parts of my home education experience with my sons are the parts where I learn along with my children – tornados, the solar system, travelling at the speed of sound – these are all things that I can learn about with them and together we discover the wonder and majesty of Allah (swt). My eldest is coming up to 7 and still I hesitate to give up ticking off the national curriculum. I wonder if I’ll really be brave enough to really take that step into the unknown!

    • I actually don’t tick off the national curriculum at all. Does it leave you feeling pressurised to cover everything they list??

  6. Salam sis,

    when you relax a bit, you will see that it was so much fun in it..and when the time come, you WILL need to sit and tick the national curriculum, so way before that just enjoy your kids and you will learn so many things along the way..this is what amazing about it. Either kids are home ed or at school, relaxing mum at early young age kids, can give so much benefit for them and for us.

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