Hakini Dahri


Last night, R rushed up to me in the kitchen whilst I was cooking and said Sinan (male hamster) is doing ‘Hakini dahri’ (scratching the back in Algerian derja) to Lala (female hamster). When my husband needs a back scratch, he asks R or Z to do ‘hakini dahri’. Anyway, I was quite surprised and I asked her ‘ And Lala, is letting him?’ She replied, ‘Yes, Ummi she’s really enjoying it.’

I didn’t think anything of it and thought thats quite strange for Lala as she is quite a vicious hamster and is often found attacking Sinan.

Anyway, last night when I went to put the kids to sleep (the hamster cage is in their room), I found R and Z laughing and laughing so hard because Sinan was literally (excuse the graphic detail) licking Lala’s behind!!

Then, I put two and two together and understood why Sinan had been doing ‘hakini dahri’ earlier! With both of them laughing away and baby Y joining in just because the other two were laughing, I tried to put R and Z to bed and before I knew it Sinan and Lala were at it! I was sooooo embarassed! I couldn’t believe it! R and Z carried on laughing and R said ‘What is he doing?’ whilst laughing so badly! They were laughing so much it was a good excuse for me not to answer! Although I’m sure she knows exactly what they were doing as we’ve had to deal with the animal mating situation before and she watches a lot of David Attenborough!

Later that evening, I told hubby and he said ‘Their babies might have problems because Sinan and Lala are brothers and sisters’. I didn’t think that could happen in the animal world, but seeing as animals is his thing, I guess he’s right.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m going to have to clarify the ‘Hakini dahri’ situation once more with R! I just hope she doesn’t ask if ummis and abis mate like that! So not ready for that conversation!


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  1. Assalamo alaikum,

    That is hilarious, lol!

    I don’t think it unusual for bro’s and sis’s to get *married*, but be prepared for little babies! You were just saying on the forum that you were broody, lol!

    • Walaikum asalam
      Lol! I knew you would find this funny. Sis, I still laugh just thinking about it! Broody for hamsters lol – not so sure!

  2. This is too funny. It reminded me of a time when we had chickens and the NEIGHBORS son asked us why the boy chicken was always jumping on all the girl chickens backs. Astagfirallah I had to lie as it wasn’t my place to explain I just said they were giving him a piggyback ride. LOL. Thanks for sharing.

  3. HAHAHAHA!!! OMG!!!
    You should be happy that they can see such a thing it makes the whole birds and bees convo a lot easier. Tehy’ll have graphics of the hamsters in their heads instead of people (for now).

    ONce when i was a teen I saw Horses, I was shocked, even tho i knew the whole topic but still…… horses!

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